How is Digital Technology Improving Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants have been widely used in Ajax for several decades. They have been studied extensively during that time, and implant design and manufacturing are continuously improving, as are the techniques to plan and place dental implants accurately. Anyone who visits Durham Dental Solutions regularly will know we are committed to using the best and most advanced technologies, and especially when carrying out any form of implant treatment.

Cone Beam CT Scan

Using these technologies helps implant dentists in Whitby accurately assess patients’ oral health, especially their jawbone. One important diagnostic test is a cone beam CT scan, providing clear 3-D images of the jaws and essential structures, including nerves and blood vessels. The image allows dentists to quantify the amount of healthy bone available for implant placement and plan where best to situate each implant, making the best use of the jawbone while avoiding essential structures.

When the treatment plan is complete, a surgical stent is created for use during implant placement. The computer-generated stent accurately replicates the treatment plan and ensures the entire process to insert implants is quicker, smoother and more comfortable. We have an on-site cone beam CT scanner here at Durham Dental Solutions, and the scan is quick and comfortable to complete.

One common question patients ask is whether their dental implant teeth in Pickering will look and feel natural. Digital smile design enables our dental team to virtually design your new teeth before your treatment begins and check they function correctly. Digital smile design is non-invasive and is a great tool for improving confidence in your treatment choice. Also, you can become more involved in planning your new look, ensuring treatment delivers the results you desire.

3-D Oral Scanner versus Tray Impressions

Do you hate the thought of messy tray impressions? These are traditionally used to take accurate impressions of your existing teeth and jaws and are essential when making any dental appliance, including implant teeth in Oshawa.

Instead of tray impressions, we use a 3-D oral scanner to capture a digital impression of your teeth and jaws comfortably and far more accurately. The result is a custom-made dental appliance that is precision fitted. Also, because the scan is viewable on screen, our dentist can check it instantly to ensure it is perfect. Taking the scan is a quick process, and avoids all those unpleasant can be ideal for anyone with a strong gag reflex.

PIEZOSURGERY and Ultrasonic Vibrations

When placing dental implants, we take enormous care to minimize damage to the surrounding tissues. One way we do this is with PIEZOSURGERY in Brooklin, where ultrasonic vibrations accurately and gently cut through bone without harming soft tissues.

Plasma-Rich Growth Factors

After implant surgery, your body must heal properly, ensuring the dental implants in Newcastle become firmly fused in place, and that treatment is a success. A technique that can improve your body’s ability to heal is to use plasma-rich growth factors. The technique uses your blood and plasma, extracting growth factors that are placed over the implant site to aid healing.

Utilizing CADCAM Restorative Technology

Last but not least, many people fear being left without teeth for any length of time, which is very understandable. So immediately after implant surgery, you are provided with temporary teeth that are natural-looking and fully functional and worn while your implants heal. Once healed, our in-office crown milling uses CADCAM technology to make restorations while you wait, and which can be fitted during the same appointment, so there is no need for a second visit. These CADCAM restorations are precision made from beautiful, durable ceramic and are customized and hand-finished before they are fitted in your mouth.

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