When is the Best Time to Have Implant Treatment?

If you need to have a tooth removed, we will talk to you about the best way to replace it. Restoring a missing tooth in Ajax is essential, not only for appearance but also for dental health. This is because even losing a single tooth can affect the remaining natural teeth, allowing them to drift out of position and affecting your bite.

The best way to replace a missing tooth is often with a dental implant in Whitby. This advanced treatment is a long-term solution for tooth loss, giving you teeth that look and feel natural and have a similar biting strength to real teeth. Additionally, implant treatment can protect your jawbone and existing natural teeth.

Planning Your Implant Treatment

When planning dental implants here at Durham Dental Solutions, there are several things we need to consider. The first is the condition of your jawbone, and we do this by taking a cone beam CT scan. Another consideration is whether removing the tooth has damaged the bony socket around it. These factors help determine the best time to place a dental implant after tooth extraction.

Immediate Implant Placement

The first option is placing an implant immediately after a natural tooth is removed. When removing a tooth, our dentist is exceptionally gentle, taking great care to minimize damage to the bony socket. We can also carry out a socket preservation technique in Pickering, inserting bone grafting material into the socket to help protect and preserve its shape and ensure plenty of bone for implant placement. Sometimes, we can place the implant while removing the tooth, even if we need to put some bone grafting material simultaneously.

Waiting After Tooth Removal

Other times, we may remove a tooth and suggest waiting before placing the dental implant. This might be preferable if you have lost quite a bit of your natural bone and need a more substantial bone graft to rebuild it. Waiting allows the bone graft to heal correctly and integrate with your jawbone, allowing the gum covering it to heal. Then, when we place the dental implant in Oshawa, the jawbone will be solid and healthy and fully able to support the dental implant.

Waiting Longer for Implant Treatment

Most people will be anxious to replace the missing teeth in Newcastle as soon as possible, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people may feel unsure about treatment and will wait a while before deciding if implants are the right choice.

It is a personal decision; if you are still on the fence about treatment, please talk with us. We can take you through all the options to replace missing teeth, not just dental implants in Clarington. Also, we can explain some of the benefits of choosing implant treatment and why it can be good to have it sooner rather than later.

One reason for having a dental implant in Courtice fitted sooner rather than later is because of changes to your jawbone that occur soon after tooth loss. When you have natural teeth, every time you bite down, sensations travel through the tooth and into the bone around the tooth, sending a message that old bone cells need to be renewed as they die off. When a tooth is removed, these sensations are lost; consequently, the bone begins to resorb quite quickly. Most of this remodeling occurs within the first year after tooth loss, so restoring teeth more quickly is a good idea.

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