What are the Options If You are Facing Complete Tooth Loss?

Many people in Ajax will face complete tooth loss, and having teeth that are broken down, infected and painful can be utterly miserable. So if you face losing your natural teeth, it’s important to think about how to replace them.

Traditional dentures are one option, but they can cause problems and especially after you have worn them for a while. Because they rest directly on the gums, dentures can become loose and ill-fitting, so they are uncomfortable to wear, and it becomes increasingly tricky to talk and eat with loose dentures. One of the most effective solutions for missing teeth in Brooklin is to consider dental implants.

Durham Dental Solutions provides the most up-to-date and advanced implants in Whitby, using high-quality implant components for longer-lasting results. Our dental team has seen first-hand how dental implants can help transform a person’s life. With strong, dental implant teeth, you can look forward to eating food comfortably and talking clearly and confidently so you can socialize with others.

Choose from Removable and Fixed Options

One highly popular option for complete tooth loss is to have Teeth in a Day, a solution that replaces missing teeth with a fixed dental implant bridge in Pickering and which is fitted on the same day.

Teeth in a Day

This option uses between four and six dental implants optimally inserted into the jawbone to provide good support for the bridge. Once in place, your implant dentist in Oshawa can fit the new bridge on the same day of surgery. This restoration is temporary but restores your ability to eat comfortably and your appearance. You will use the bridge for several months while your implants heal, a process where they become bonded firmly into the jawbone. It can take between three and six months for this process, called Osseointegration, to be completed.

When the implants have healed completely, you return to the dental office so your permanent bridge can be made and fitted. Once these teeth are in place, you should find your biting strength is near-normal. In addition, because the implant teeth are permanently fitted onto the implants, you will not need to remove them to clean them properly or during sleep.

Another possible solution is to have implant-supported dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures

With implant-supported dentures, you have an ordinary-looking denture with special attachments on its fitting surface. These clip onto the implants in your jaw, ensuring the implant-supported denture in Newcastle remains firmly in place once in the mouth. As a result, you can easily remove the denture whenever it needs cleaning and whenever you want to sleep.

One advantage of choosing an implant-supported denture in Clarington is the number of implants required. It typically only takes between two and four dental implants to secure the denture, so treatment is very affordable. In addition, with an implant-supported denture, you can look forward to enjoying a greater biting strength compared with an ordinary denture. Finally, because the denture clips firmly onto the implants, there is no need to use messy and expensive denture adhesives or paste.

Choosing the Best Solution for Your Needs

You can learn more about all the possible implant treatments when you first visit Durham Dental Solutions. During this visit, our experienced implant dentists in Courtice can gently examine your mouth and discuss options that might interest you. They can explain exactly how each implant solution works and the costs involved.

No matter which option you choose, you can be sure it is planned and placed optimally using computer-guided surgery. This ensures each implant is placed in exactly the right position and that treatment is quicker, smoother and more comfortable.

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