When to Choose Single or Multiple Dental Implants?

Dental implant treatment in Ajax is very versatile. We can replace a single missing tooth with a single dental implant, or if you have lost more than one tooth, we can use multiple implants to restore them. 

Why Choose a Single Dental Implant?

If you lose a tooth, options include a dental bridge or implant. If you choose a dental bridge, we will need to prepare the adjacent teeth for support, covering these teeth with crowns attached to the replacement tooth, forming a three-tooth or three-unit restoration. A dental implant in Whitby is self-supporting, so there is no need to reshape the adjacent teeth. Instead, the implant is restored with a beautiful crown that looks and feels realistic, emerging from the gum just like a natural tooth. 

The implant crown in Pickering fits over the implant post inserted into your jaw and is either cemented or sometimes screwed onto the implants. Sometimes we will choose to screw an implant restoration to the implant post as it is easier to retrieve for maintenance and cleaning if required. The screw hole is located in the back of the tooth or on the chewing surface. It is covered with tooth-colored composite resin, so you cannot see it. 

Why Restore Multiple Missing Teeth with Dental Implants?

If you lose multiple teeth in Oshawa, we can use individual implants to restore them precisely as we would for a single missing tooth. When these missing teeth were originally adjacent, we didn’t always need to replace each tooth individually with an implant. Instead, we can use two or more dental implants to support a dental bridge. We can even create a bridge that restores an entire arch of teeth using several optimally placed dental implants for support. The bridge is screwed or cemented in place. 

Precise, Fast Implant Treatment with Computer Guided Surgery 

Each implant treatment in Brooklyn is completed using computer-guided surgery, ensuring the best treatment outcome while minimizing discomfort. Before we insert any dental implant, we plan precisely how to place it into your jaw, including the depth and angulation of the implant post or screw. 

Once we complete your treatment plan, a custom-made stent is created and used during your computer-guided implant surgery in Clarington to ensure the plan is followed precisely. Another benefit of computer-guided surgery is faster healing with fewer side effects like swelling because we only need to make a tiny incision to place the implants precisely. 

Will My Dental Implants Look Natural?

We spend considerable time designing each implant crown and bridge to ensure it looks as perfect as possible, selecting a shade of porcelain that blends in beautifully with your natural teeth. We also make sure all implant teeth in Newcastle work correctly so you can bite and chew comfortably. Planning your treatment is essential to ensure you receive an optimal outcome and have attractive and fully functional teeth you are proud to show others.

Dental implant treatment in Courtice is a sophisticated way to restore missing teeth, providing replacement teeth that look and feel great and have good biting and chewing strength. There are other oral health benefits in choosing implant treatment, one of which is preserving your jawbone while another is protecting existing natural teeth. If you are facing tooth loss, it is a treatment well worth investigating, and you will learn much more during your initial consultation here at Durham Dental Solutions. Often, missing teeth can be restored in just one day. 

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