Options for Replacing a Missing Front Tooth

Front teeth are really quite vulnerable and can be knocked out because of a dental injury or lost to infection or decay. Losing any tooth can be upsetting, but it can feel even worse when it is a front tooth. If this happens to you, you will almost certainly want to replace that front tooth in Ajax as soon as possible to talk and smile without feeling embarrassed.

One possible option is to have a three-tooth bridge, but it is becoming far more popular to have a single dental implant in Whitby.

Three-Tooth Bridge

Even though you may only be missing a single tooth, a bridge that replaces this tooth needs to cover three teeth in total. The teeth on either side of the gap must be covered with dental crowns in Pickering. The replacement tooth or pontic is attached to the crowns. The pontic then rests directly on the gum.

A dental bridge is a good solution if you are looking for a quick, non-invasive treatment that can be completed within a matter of just a few weeks. It can be useful when the adjacent teeth are broken down or decayed and will benefit from dental crowns. However, it may not be so good if these teeth are healthy and strong, as your dentist in Brooklin will need to reshape these teeth substantially.

These teeth must be ground down to be covered with dental crowns, ensuring the crowns don’t look and feel too bulky. While this may not seem important, these teeth will always need to be covered with dental crowns in the future, and it can increase the risk of them becoming infected and decayed as the bridge begins to age and potentially leak. Also, eventually, the bridge will need replacing, meaning you will need another three-tooth bridge. If you opt for a single dental implant, you would only need to replace a single implant crown.

Single Dental Implant

Instead of covering three teeth, a single dental implant is a stand-alone restoration, artificially replacing a tooth root. It consists of a small implant post inserted into the jaw during a short surgical procedure. Once in the jawbone, the post soon fuses with the bone around it, becoming strong enough to support a new replacement tooth in Oshawa within a few months. In the meantime, a temporary tooth can be fitted. Next, a special attachment called an abutment is fitted onto the post, supporting the new dental implant crown.

Although a dental implant tooth in Newcastle may take a bit longer initially to plan and place, the results can last for years or even for life. Also, it can be more cost-effective in the longer term, especially when the time comes to replace the restoration. For example, replacing a single implant crown will cost less than a three-tooth bridge.

Aesthetically, a single dental implant in Courtice can look amazing, and it will be extremely difficult for anyone but a dentist to tell you ever lost a tooth. Instead of resting on the gums, the implant crown is surrounded by gum tissue, so it looks very natural. Here at Durham Dental Solutions, we can create beautiful, lifelike implant crowns using the latest ceramic materials that closely replicate real teeth. We custom design each implant crown so you can be sure it will blend in beautifully with your existing teeth.

Some people might be worried about the thought of having implant surgery in Clarington, but there is really no need to worry. The surgery is quite short and fully planned, ensuring it is smoother and more comfortable for you, providing a better treatment outcome. We can always discuss sedation dentistry to ensure you feel entirely comfortable.

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