Dental Implants and Why It Is Important to Replace Missing Teeth

Dentists always prefer to try to preserve natural teeth, but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Tooth loss is common and can happen if you knock out a tooth or damage it so badly it cannot be restored, or when a tooth is severely decayed or infected, and dental treatment in Ajax will not save it.

If you do lose teeth or have teeth that are failing, your dentist might want to discuss possible ways to replace them. One of the most popular and modern ways to restore missing teeth is with dental implants in Whitby.

What Is a Dental Implant?

When you lose a tooth, the entire tooth is removed, including its root. A dental implant replaces the tooth root artificially, forming a strong anchorage point for a new replacement tooth. The implant consists of a tiny post or screw inserted surgically into the jawbone. It is made from either titanium or zirconium, both of which are very biocompatible and strong. Dental implants can restore missing teeth or can support a removable denture, holding it firmly in place. It is important to replace missing teeth, and listed below are some of the reasons why.


Most people want to replace missing teeth because it affects their appearance and can impact self-esteem and self-confidence considerably. Dental implants are ideal for restoring missing teeth because they look very similar to real teeth or even better. Here at Durham Dental Solutions, we certainly take a great deal of care when designing and fabricating implant teeth, ensuring they look good and provide the proper support for your cheeks and lips.

Protecting Oral Health

When you have a complete set of teeth, they work harmoniously together, so even losing a single tooth can disrupt this relationship. The resulting gap allows the existing teeth to shift position. This can create problems, including unwanted spaces opening up between other teeth and bite issues that can affect your ability to chew comfortably. Dental implants prevent these problems from occurring, ensuring you have a complete set of teeth designed to work harmoniously together.

Increased Comfort

Failing, broken down, or missing teeth in Newcastle make it tricky to eat comfortably. As a result, it can be tempting to stick to soft, easy to chew foods that might be bland and uninteresting, which don’t contain all the nutrients needed for overall health.

Dental implant teeth in Oshawa make it easy to eat comfortably again and have a biting strength similar to real teeth. Implant dentures provide greater biting strength than ordinary dentures, so mealtimes are enjoyable, and you can eat your favourite foods once more.

Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Provided you are over age 18, and your jaws have finished growing and developing, you should be suitable for dental implant treatment in Clarington. The only real proviso is that you have good dental and medical health, and this is something we can review during your initial consultation with our dental implant dentist. We can also discuss all suitable options and the costs and talk to you about what is involved when you have dental implant treatment.

Accurate Treatment Planning for More Comfortable Implant Surgery

We use computer-guided surgery to plan and place dental implants, first taking a cone beam CT scan of your jaws to plan each dental implant placement accurately. Once the treatment plan is complete, we create a surgical stent for use during implant surgery. The stent or guide ensures our implant dentist accurately replicates the plan. Because treatment is preplanned, it’s quicker, smoother, and ultimately more successful. It also helps ensure treatment is more comfortable for you and that healing is faster.

If you feel a bit nervous about having implant surgery, please talk to us. We can always discuss sedation dentistry in Courtice to ensure you feel entirely comfortable and relaxed.

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