Benefits of Snap-In Dentures Compared with Conventional Dentures

If you lose all your teeth in your upper or lower jaw or both, options for replacing them used to be limited to conventional dentures. These rest directly on the gums, consisting of an acrylic base plate that supports the replacement teeth. Conventional dentures have been used for years and are a cost-effective solution but are far from perfect. Nowadays, snap-in dentures provide another cost-effective option.

What Are Snap-in Dentures?

Snap-in dentures are a more modern solution for tooth loss, using dental implants in Ajax to hold them firmly in place. Snap-in dentures are sometimes called implant-retained or implant-supported dentures or overdentures. They can be held in place with as few as two or four dental implants, although we may recommend more implants here at Durham Dental Solutions if we feel this will provide a better treatment outcome.

Dental implants are tiny screws inserted into the jawbone, bonding quickly with the bone around them within just a few months. They form a strong anchorage point to support a snap-in denture. The denture is very similar to a conventional denture but has special attachments on the fitting surface that normally cover your gums. These attachments clip or snap onto the dental implants in Whitby, holding the denture securely in place yet ensuring it is easy to remove for cleaning.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Snap in Denture Instead of a Conventional Denture?

A snap-in denture or overdenture in Pickering is much more stable than a conventional denture, allowing you to eat and talk confidently. It provides a greater biting and chewing strength, so you will be able to eat a larger range of foods. An overdenture is also more comfortable because it is held firmly in place, unlike a conventional denture that can often begin to rub painfully on the gums. The bone around the dental implants is preserved, as implants help prevent jawbone loss. As relatively few dental implants are needed, an overdenture is an affordable choice. Also, because it is so easy to remove, it is easy to keep it clean.

Are There Any Disadvantages in Choosing an Overdenture?

With an implant-supported denture, you will need a short surgical procedure to insert the implants into your jawbone. The surgery doesn’t take very long. Our dental implant dentists in Newcastle use image-guided surgery to ensure the process is quicker, more accurate and more comfortable for our patients. Dental implants can be placed using just a local anesthetic.

Still, if you do feel nervous about the thought of having oral surgery, please discuss this with our dental implant dentists, as we can also provide sedation dentistry in Oshawa. Dental sedation will help you feel calmer and more comfortable during the treatment, ensuring you needn’t miss out on implant teeth because of any dental fears and anxieties.

An overdenture is more expensive than a conventional denture because it requires special attachments to connect the denture to the dental implants. Eventually, the denture will need replacing, just like an ordinary denture, and the attachments may also need replacing and adjusting during the lifetime of your denture.

What If I Prefer Fixed Teeth?

While implant-supported dentures or overdentures are designed to be easily removed for cleaning, this option won’t appeal to everyone. Some people prefer the idea of dental implant teeth in Courtice that remain firmly fixed in place. These are only removable by a dental implant dentist. A fixed bridge of implant teeth in Bowmanville is usually a more expensive option as more dental implants are needed. However, each option can be fully discussed during your first dental implant consultation at Durham Dental Solutions.

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