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What are Implant Dentures and What are the Advantages of This Treatment?

When you are missing an entire arch of teeth, your options are not limited to removable dentures resting on the gums, or a fixed bridge of implant teeth, as there is a third, highly affordable choice that combines the best of both worlds. That is to have an implant denture in Ajax.

What is an Implant Denture?

An implant denture looks like an ordinary denture, but instead of resting uncomfortably on the gums, it clips firmly onto dental implants via special attachments on the fitting surface. Once in place, the implant-retained denture will not move. When you want to clean your denture, you can easily remove it, and once clean, it will quickly snap back into place.

Some of the advantages of choosing an implant denture in Brooklin include:

  • An implant denture typically needs between two and four dental implants to hold it stably in the jaw, far fewer than is needed for an implant bridge in Pickering that is permanently fixed in place.
  • You will enjoy a greater biting strength than with an ordinary denture.
  • There is no need to use messy denture adhesives in Whitby. Instead, the denture remains firmly in place so you can eat a greater range of foods more comfortably.
  • When you can eat a wider range of foods, you can potentially choose more nutritious foods that help to protect overall health so that you can fight infection and disease more easily.
  • You can talk confidently with others without worrying your dentures will move around or click as you speak.
  • We design all our dentures in Oshawa carefully so they preserve your facial shape and structure, providing good support for the muscles in your cheeks and lips.

A Straightforward Procedure

Placing dental implants in Newcastle is a very straightforward procedure, and we plan each step very carefully. When you first visit Durham Dental Solutions, we analyze your dental and medical health and discuss this procedure with you, ensuring you understand it fully and making sure an implant denture is the right treatment choice for your needs.

The next stage is to take a cone beam CT scan, an advanced dental technology that provides us with detailed 3-D images of your jaws. A cone beam CT scan is very quick and completely painless. You just need to keep still while the machine travels around your head, taking a matter of seconds to complete a scan. The scan is vital for planning your implant treatment successfully in Bowmanville. These images show us the quantity and quality of your jawbone, as dental implants need a certain amount of strong and healthy bone for successful insertion. We can plan precisely where each implant is to be inserted, a process that ensures the actual implant surgery is quicker and smoother for you.

Once our dental implant dentist in Pickering completes the treatment plan, we create a computer-generated implant guide. During implant surgery, the guide is used to accurately replicate the treatment plan, making sure each implant is placed in exactly the right location. When the implants are in place, we may be able to fit a temporary implant denture soon afterwards, but you can rest assured you will always have some form of temporary teeth to wear until you receive your new implant retained denture.

Implant retained dentures are an excellent treatment choice for complete tooth loss. Although you may initially assume that fixed teeth are better, this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone. Implant retained dentures are more affordable and can be easier to care for because they are removable.

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