Implants vs Dentures: Why Choose Implants?


If you have lost teeth in Ajax or are facing tooth loss, you will want to do something about it so you can talk and eat comfortably. You might have considered dentures. Perhaps you have learned a bit about dental implants and aren’t sure if this treatment could help?


Tried and tested, dentures have been around for years and are a known quantity that works well for many people. They have an acrylic base resting directly on the gums, supporting denture teeth. Modern denture teeth look realistic, especially in a well-designed denture. Dentures made in Whitby are affordable, but they can cause problems for wearers.

When teeth are removed, the bone that used to surround the tooth roots soon starts to resorb. Bone resorption affects the fit of dentures, reducing retention, so dentures start to move around, rubbing on the gums and making it difficult to eat and talk confidently and comfortably. It is a common problem with dentures in Pickering and is just one reason why dental implants are increasingly popular.

Dental Implants

Using dental implants to restore missing teeth is the most advanced solution available today. It uses state-of-the-art techniques and technology combined with sophisticated materials, creating teeth that look and feel as natural as possible. A dental implant is often the best choice for restoring a single missing tooth in Oshawa. Treatment is extremely versatile, and there are numerous benefits in choosing implant treatment regardless of whether you have only lost one tooth or every single tooth in your head.

The Advantages of Implants

One of the biggest advantages of choosing dental implants in Newcastle is the effect on your jawbone. Whereas dentures sit on the gums and accelerate jawbone loss, implants are inserted directly into the bone to help stimulate the bone around them, preserving the bone and preventing its loss.

Implant teeth are much more stable and provide greater biting strength than dentures. When you have a stronger bite, it is easier to eat the foods you enjoy, which can help overall nutrition and general health. Dental implants also look good so that you can smile confidently. Whereas dentures need replacing every few years, dental implants are a long-term solution that you should enjoy for years to come, if not for life.

Dental implant treatment in Courtice is very versatile. Single teeth are easily replaced with dental implants. If you are missing multiple teeth that were originally adjacent to each other, you don’t need to replace every tooth with an implant. Instead, you can choose an implant-supported bridge or implant-supported dentures. An implant-supported bridge is non-removable, so it is cemented or screwed in place. An implant-supported denture is removable and clips onto the implants but can easily be taken out for cleaning.

Deciding Between Dentures and Implant Teeth

If you are trying to decide whether to have dentures or implant teeth, it is worth speaking with an experienced dental implant dentist in Brooklin. You will need a dental exam, and your dentist will review your medical history with you, in case any conditions could affect treatment. If implant treatment is suitable, your implant dentist can discuss all options available so you can understand the differences more clearly and the potential benefits and pitfalls.

While the idea of having fixed teeth may seem the most desirable solution, removable implant teeth can provide an excellent outcome. Implant dentures can be more affordable as fewer implants may be needed. Some people may also find it easier to care for implant dentures.


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