Why You Don’t Need to Fear Dental Implant Treatment

Anyone who is missing teeth or facing tooth loss in Whitby will almost certainly have considered dental implants to replace them. There is no doubt that dental implant treatment provides a successful long-term solution for tooth loss.

The technologies used to plan and place dental implants are well-studied, providing a reliable and predictable outcome. Generally, success rates for implant treatments are 95%, while some of the more experienced and highly trained dental implant dentists in Ajax have even better statistics.

However, even though dental implant treatment is safe and effective, some people are concerned about the actual process to place them. Unfortunately, these concerns can deter them from seeking implant treatment in Pickering.

Every Patient Is Thoroughly Screened

Dental implant treatment is suitable for most people, but it won’t be right for everyone. Anyone seeking implant treatment in Clarington is first screened thoroughly. We review your dental and medical history to ensure there aren’t any pre-existing conditions or other risk factors that could affect the outcome. We only recommend implants if we feel it is the best choice of treatment. Otherwise, we will suggest alternative options for replacing missing teeth.

Each Treatment Is Meticulously Planned

Here at Durham Dental Solutions, every dental implant treatment in Newcastle is meticulously planned using the latest digital technologies. Treatment begins by digitally scanning your mouth, creating highly accurate images used to plan each stage of the procedure. We place dental implants using computer-guided surgery, ensuring each implant is inserted accurately during a quicker and smoother treatment for patients.

Custom-Designed Smiles

Understandably, if you are missing multiple teeth, you may wonder how your replacement teeth will look. Digital smile design is a technique where digital images of your new dental implant teeth in Oshawa are merged with facial photographs, so you can preview the appearance of your new teeth before you decide to have implant treatment.

We can also create 3-D models showing how your new teeth will look, and this technique can be used regardless of whether you require a single dental implant or full mouth restoration in Courtice. It’s a process that also allows you to become involved in designing your new smile, ensuring you receive an optimal outcome.

A Comfortable Experience

Receiving dental treatment shouldn’t be scary or uncomfortable and definitely shouldn’t feel painful. If you are worried about the surgery needed to place your dental implants, there is no need to feel this way. Many people feel a little apprehensive or anxious when receiving dental treatment, and our practice offers sedation dentistry to block pain and discomfort and soothe your nerves.

With sedation dentistry, you can look forward to a more comfortable, relaxing and painless implant treatment. Sedation dentistry is ideal for those with a strong gag reflex, as it reduces this sensation, and it can help people with a fear of needles overcome their feelings. One nice thing about sedation dentistry is that some dental sedatives have amnesiac qualities. Afterward, you forget about your dental procedure and can concentrate on enjoying the benefits. The level of sedation provided is customized for each patient, ranging from light sedation to sleep dentistry or twilight dentistry, where you feel so deeply relaxed you may fall asleep.

Every Treatment Option Is Explained in Detail

When you see our experienced dental implant dentist in Bowmanville, we discuss every option with you carefully. Each possible treatment is explained in detail, including the costs and time needed to place and restore your dental implant teeth. Understanding your implant treatment more fully helps to ease any anxiety or concerns about dental implants.



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