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Is Eating Painful Rather Than Pleasurable? Discover Your Options

When your mouth is healthy, you take your teeth for granted, expecting them to work hard for you each day, biting and chewing food comfortably. Healthy teeth need to grind down all sorts of different foods, and the very act of chewing begins the process of digestion. It’s a different story when dental problems develop in Whitby, and instead of being pleasurable, mealtimes can become an ordeal.

The Consequences of Poor Dental Health

When you cannot chew comfortably, it can considerably limit your food choices, affecting your quality of life and overall health. It would be best to have a varied diet to ensure you receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal general health, which is much trickier to achieve when you have painful, infected, or missing teeth in Ajax.

When your teeth are aligned correctly, it is easy to talk and eat properly, ensuring that your jaw joints and muscles can work properly. If you have missing or broken down teeth, it can affect your jaw joint and facial muscles adversely, and they may become inflamed and painful, making it difficult to open your mouth comfortably. Even a single missing tooth can impact Pickering’s dental health.

Losing teeth affects your jawbone and the gum tissue surrounding the missing teeth. Without the stimulation provided by real tooth roots, your jawbone decreases, losing volume and density as old bone cells are no longer replaced. Consequently, existing teeth can shift out of position, and the gum surrounding the missing teeth becomes thinner and weaker. People who have lost multiple teeth in Brooklin will notice their facial features change. Facial muscles are no longer adequately supported, creating a collapsed appearance that can lead to premature aging.

Luckily, if your teeth are failing and cannot be saved, solutions are available to help you restore your appearance and your ability to smile and eat comfortably.

Solutions for Tooth Loss

Traditionally, dentures would replace missing teeth or, when healthy teeth were available, with tooth-supported bridges. Nowadays, a far more modern solution is to choose dental implants in Oshawa.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dentures rest directly on the gums, and as the shape of the jawbone changes, they will often become loose, rubbing uncomfortably. The pressure can also help to accelerate bone loss. Tooth-supported bridges rely on reshaping the adjacent teeth to be covered with crowns. These crowns then support the replacement tooth or teeth. Reshaping healthy teeth is undesirable, as these teeth will always need crowns. Dental implants in Newcastle help to protect oral health in several ways.

Dental implants in Bowmanville preserve your jawbone, providing essential stimulation to the bone so it remains solid and healthy. You don’t need to have healthy teeth reshaped and ground down for dental implants as they are self-supporting. Instead, your implant teeth will prevent natural teeth from shifting position, maintaining the correct bite and alignment.

You won’t need to avoid your favorite foods, as Clarington dental implants have a biting strength similar to natural teeth. Treatment is very versatile, as we can provide single dental implants to replace just a single tooth. If you have multiple teeth missing that were initially side by side, these can be restored with an implant-supported bridge, so there is no need to replace each tooth individually with an implant.

People with missing teeth can opt for a full arch bridge or implant-supported denture. Implant teeth can look natural and comfortable and are suitable for most people, making concerns about tooth loss in Courtice a thing of the past.

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