Learn How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Have Dental Implants Comfortably

Modern dentistry in Durham should not be painful or frightening, but many people have deep-seated dental fears that prevent them from seeing a dentist for essential treatment. Sometimes these fears are due to a childhood experience in the dental chair that was less than pleasant. Other times, these fears are passed on from parent to child or may develop because of a fear of needles or can be prompted by the sights, sounds and smell of a dental office. People with a strong gag reflex can find dental treatment uncomfortable at best, even when only simple procedures or routine dental care is necessary.

These are all situations where sedation dentistry in Ajax can be useful. Sedation dentistry can also be useful for anyone who needs lengthier and more complex treatments. The sedatives used at Durham Dental Implant Solutions can block pain or discomfort while calming anxieties and fears.

Dental Care Provided by a Friendly, Experienced and Compassionate Dental Team

Sedation dentistry is only part of the equation for ensuring you can receive your dental care comfortably and without fear. When you visit our dental office, you can look forward to receiving excellent, compassionate dental treatment from a team that cares deeply about their patients. Our dental implant dentists in Pickering have more than 30 years of dental implant experience between them and often liaise to treat complex implant cases optimally.

You can rest assured that you will receive an honest evaluation of your dental health, and only necessary implant treatments are recommended. Every option is explained carefully, and questions are always encouraged. The aim is to make sure you understand exactly how each implant option could help you so you can select the right treatment for your needs, putting you firmly in control of your dental health in Whitby

At the same time, the dental team can listen carefully to your concerns and fears, customizing your treatment plan, so you can receive implant treatment comfortably and without pain or fear, using sedation dentistry in Courtice when needed.

Sedation Options Available

There are several options for sedation dentistry in Oshawa that could help you and are used in combination with local anaesthetic to block any pain sensations. One option may already be familiar to you and is nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting gas inhaled through a small nose mask during treatment. The gas works quickly to make sure you feel more comfortable and relaxed and is administered continuously during treatment. Once your treatment is over, the mask is removed, and the effects of laughing gas in Newcastle quickly dissipate. It is the only form of sedation dentistry where you could drive yourself home afterwards if you wish.

Oral sedation is a deeper sedative, where you take a pill shortly before your appointment, which helps you feel sleepy and very deeply relaxed. The sedative contains an amnesiac so that afterwards, you may remember very little or nothing about the procedure. It is extremely effective in eliminating dental anxieties, allowing you to get the treatment you need or desire. After oral sedation, we will keep you with us for a short while to make sure you are recovered completely before sending you home with a trusted friend or relative.

When nitrous oxide or oral sedation isn’t enough, or where you need lengthy dental implant treatment in Clarington, we may suggest considering intravenous sedation. The process for intravenous sedation is more complicated and is given by a qualified anesthesiologist who will monitor you closely during the entire treatment. You will feel deeply sleepy or fall asleep during the procedure and most likely remember nothing afterwards, but we can awaken you if needed during treatment.

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