How Can I Be Sure My Dental Implants Will Look Natural?

When teeth are failing, Ajax dentists will often recommend dental implants, as these are regarded as the best and most long-lasting solution for restoring missing teeth. While an excellent and proven treatment, most people will have lots of questions about the potential benefits, and how dental implants work, and particularly if their new dental implant teeth in Whitby will look natural.
It is an understandable concern, and most of us have seen people who have teeth that are not the set they were born with, but this certainly should not be the case with implant teeth. One very effective way we ensure implant teeth look natural and that you receive the appearance you desire is through Digital Smile Design.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Durham Dental Implant Solutions is equipped with the most advanced technologies available, and one useful tool in our arsenal is Digital Smile Design. It is a sophisticated software program that helps our patients better understand how their new implant teeth could look once dental implant treatment in Pickering is complete. Our dentists use clear digital images of your face and scans of your teeth to design your new smile. The software allows them to manipulate these images, creating a photographic image of your new smile. You can then view these images, something that can be pretty exciting.

What are the Advantages of Digital Smile Design?

Imagine, you can see your new teeth before you even begin dental implant treatment in Oshawa. Sometimes our dentist can even create these images during your first consultation. When you can see your new teeth design, you become much more involved with the treatment process. You may already have an idea of how you would like your new smile to look in your mind, but this process will let you explain your aims more easily.

Our dentists in Bowmanville are excellent at designing beautiful smiles and have a lot of experience, but your smile is unique and expresses your personality. Digital Smile design is a great communication tool. You can decide if you would prefer some teeth to be smaller, larger, shorter or longer, or perhaps a different colour entirely. The images can be adjusted until you feel happy with the results.

Yet another nice thing about Digital Smile Design is that the images can be used to create a mock-up of your new teeth, bringing the virtual design into the real world. A mock-up allows you to try in your new teeth to see how they look and experience how they will feel. It is very useful for ensuring you are entirely happy with your treatment plan and creating your perfect smile.

Will My Implant Teeth Feel Natural?

Another understandable concern is if your dental implants in Courtice will feel comfortable and natural. When designing dental implant teeth, we take enormous care, and not only to ensure they look good. As part of the planning process, you will need a cone beam CT scan, a digital scan that takes 3-D images of your mouth. The images enable an implant dentist in Clarington to plan implant placement optimally, making the best use of the jawbone while ensuring your implant teeth can be properly restored, so they function correctly. It ensures you will be able to bite food and chew without any discomfort or compromising on appearance.

With Digital Smile Design, you can feel confident about your treatment choice. By becoming involved in the planning process, you will know you are receiving the teeth you always imagined. Digital Smile Design is extremely useful regardless of whether you need a single implant or full-arch restoration.

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