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Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

Are you considering dental implant surgery in Ajax? Are you concerned it could feel uncomfortable or even painful? It is a common fear, but here at Durham Dental Solutions, we take every precaution to ensure dental implant treatment is as comfortable as possible and that you do not feel any pain when the implant is placed.

Many people find the procedure minimally uncomfortable, and we ensure the actual surgery is as short as possible by preplanning every stage. This approach allows us to make smaller incisions, so fewer stitches are needed, resulting in faster healing.

How Does Implant Surgery Work?

Dental implants surgery in Whitby does take a little time to complete, as our dental implant dentist in Pickering will need to assess you thoroughly to ensure implants are the most suitable solution. Once we have completed our assessment, we must begin planning treatment and carrying out diagnostic tests, including a cone beam CT scan. You won’t need to spend long in our dental clinic, as the planning is completed mainly behind the scenes.

We use your cone beam CT scan to evaluate your jawbone using special software, ensuring enough bone to surround the implants securely. Next, we decide where to place each dental implant in Oshawa, using the strongest bone best while avoiding essential structures like nerves and blood vessels. Also, we need to make sure that the implant is placed so that we can restore it appropriately. When an implant isn’t placed correctly, it can be not easy to design and fit the restoration to look good and function correctly.

When we are happy with the computerized plan, we use it to create a surgical stent or template for your surgery. Using the stent guides our dental implant dentist so that we can accurately replicate your computerized treatment plan. Once the implant is in place, we stitch the gum shut, and the implant begins to heal; during this time, new bone starts to form around the implant. While the implant heals, we can provide temporary teeth, which are sometimes fitted onto the implants immediately after surgery. Once your implant has fully healed, we can create your new dental implant teeth in Newcastle, completing the process.

Making Sure You Don’t Feel Any Pain during surgery

Because implant surgery is so quick, we can often place a single dental implant using a local anesthetic. The procedure shouldn’t be painful, especially as bone has few nerve endings. However, if you feel a little anxious about implant surgery, we can discuss using sedation dentistry in Clarington.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Sedation dentistry can help calm nerves, ensuring you can receive your dental implants without fear. It can also help minimize discomfort and reduce a strong gag reflex. We offer several types of dental sedation, including Nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, which provides a mild level of sedation. You inhale the gas through a small nose mask, which quickly takes effect.

Oral sedation provides a deeper state of relaxation, where you take a pill shortly before surgery, making you feel sleepy and very relaxed. It can help relieve feelings of anxiety, and one advantage of oral sedation is that you will most likely remember very little about treatment afterward.

Anyone with severe dental anxieties or who needs lengthy implant treatment might benefit from intravenous sedation in Courtice. The sedative is given intravenously by a qualified anaesthesiologist who we trust to look after you. You will feel extremely relaxed and sleepy and may fall asleep during treatment.

With the proper care and planning, implant surgery shouldn’t be painful or scary.

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