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Digital Smile Design: Preview Your Smile before Implant Treatment Begins

For most people, having dental implant treatment in Ajax is a huge decision, and they want to get it right. While your dental implant dentist can adequately describe the treatment and even show you some examples, it’s tricky to imagine how your new teeth could look. Often, it requires faith and trust in your dentist’s image that you can preview your new teeth before any treatment begins. What if you could be involved in customizing your new smile?

With digital smile design, you can! Digital smile design in Pickering can help people requiring single or multiple dental implants and is especially useful for people needing full mouth restorations.


What Is Digital Smile Design?

After examining your mouth and talking to you about your treatment, our Whitby dentist can take high-resolution digital photographs. We use an intraoral scanner to visualize the inside of your mouth clearly and accurately. Specialized digital smile design software utilizes this information to create your new smile, providing high-quality images viewable on screen in the treatment room. Your new smile is available in minutes, so you could even see it during your visit.

You can see how your smile looks and how it could look once fully restored. It is quite an exciting process, especially as you can give us your thoughts about your new dental implant teeth in Newcastle, allowing us to customize your treatment plan to provide the desired results. For example, perhaps you feel one or two teeth look too long, too short, or not quite an ideal shape. You get to decide on the critical details that help make your smile unique. When restoring com  arches of teeth, you can even pick the ideal color, so you end up with teeth the perfect shape, size, and shade to complement your facial features and skin tone.

Most importantly, I provide you with a smile you will love. It is a critical part of the process. This is your dental health; you want to receive the best possible dental implant solution.


Bring the Virtual World into the Real-World

Once you have finalized your dental implant treatment plan in Oshawa, it is possible to create a mock-up of the treatment plan that we can try in your mouth. A model is made in our mouth and is adjusted to show how your new smile will look based on your digital smile design. We then use the moc     to create temporary teeth replicating this treatment plan,,, whh can be inserted into your mouth. With this solution, you can see and feel your new dental implant teeth in Bowmanville, and we can make any final adjustments before the implant treatment begins.

The design of Clarington’s is entirely painless and non-invasive. The process is straightforward but eliminates many of the worries people have about dental implant treatment. With this option, you will know what you are getting at the end of treatment and can look forward to the process rather than feeling apprehensive.

Our dentists at Durham Dental Solutions are all highly experienced in planning and placing dental implants. They can guide you through the process from start to finish, explaining what will happen every step of the way and how each stage will help you achieve a healthy and attractive smile and good dental health.

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