Learn How to Love Your Smile with Full Arch Dental Implants

Losing teeth or having teeth that are failing in Whitby is miserable, and is a situation we see very frequently here at Durham Dental Solutions. Often, people face losing complete arches of teeth in their upper or lower jaw, or both. Consequently, these people may dislike their smiles and will avoid talking or laughing with others or even just looking in the mirror.

Dental implants in Ajax can restore missing teeth, so you can learn to love your smile again. A dental implant is a small post made from titanium or a ceramic material called zirconia that is inserted surgically into your jawbone. It replicates a real tooth root, providing a strong anchorage point for a replacement tooth. When multiple implants are inserted into the jaw, they can easily support a complete arch of teeth. Treatment is very versatile, and two solutions might interest you. The first is a treatment called Teeth in a Day.

What Is Teeth in a Day?

With Teeth in a Day in Oshawa, you can look forward to receiving your dental implants and a fixed temporary bridge of teeth all on the same day. The reason why these teeth are temporary is that your dental implants must heal and integrate with your jawbone, a process that takes several months and is essential in any implant treatment. The temporary bridge of teeth is made before the implants are inserted, giving you an aesthetically pleasing smile for the duration of the healing period. Your temporary teeth will function much like your natural teeth, so there is no need to worry that you won’t be able to eat. When healing is complete, you return to our dental office for your final bridge to be fitted in place.

It’s a solution that is highly appealing because many people fear being left without teeth for any length of time. Treatment requires 4 to 6 dental implants to ensure your teeth are held firmly in place, and it’s a procedure that ensures your bite will return to almost full strength. Imagine how good that will feel and think about all the foods that will be back on the menu. It’s an appealing long-term solution and your dental implant teeth should last you for many years to come provided you maintain good oral hygiene and attend routine appointments with your dentist in Newcastle.

Teeth in a Day provide you with a prosthesis is that is nonremovable, so you don’t need to take it out for cleaning or sleeping. Instead, we will show you how to clean around the prosthesis to maintain good oral health. Another option is an implant supported denture, a prosthesis that is removable but offers some significant advantages compared with traditional dentures in Oshawa.

Implant Supported Denture

One of the main advantages of choosing an implant supported denture is that only 2 to 4 dental implants are needed, and this is reflected in the price. Instead of a fixed arch of teeth, the dental implants support a removable denture that clips firmly onto the implants. Once in the mouth, the denture cannot move or shift position and provides a significantly improved bite compared with traditional dentures. There is no need to use messy and expensive dental adhesive or paste. The implant supported denture is easy to remove for sleeping and cleaning. Although most people will initially think they’d prefer a fixed bridge, many find an implant supported denture is an excellent and affordable solution that provides them with a beautiful smile and the ability to eat a far greater range of foods.

Every Clarington dental implant treatment is digitally planned, and we use computer-guided implant surgery, providing you with expertly and precisely placed dental implants and a smile you will love.

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