Using Dental Implants to Reduce the Undesirable Impact of Losing Teeth

Using Dental Implants to Reduce the Undesirable Impact of Losing Teeth

There’s no denying that most people find tooth loss in Ajax extremely upsetting, and some feel embarrassed. But the real impact of tooth loss can be wide-ranging.

Visual and Social Effects of Losing Teeth

Visually, losing teeth in Whitby can significantly affect facial appearance. When people have lost several teeth, the muscles in their cheeks and lips no longer receive enough support. Without this support, facial dimensions can change because there is a loss of height between the jaws, and facial features can collapse inward.

Losing teeth can affect the ability to speak clearly. People who have ill-fitting dentures in Oshawa will often mumble or slur words and can become shy about talking with others. Also, without strong and healthy teeth, it’s difficult to eat properly and to share meals with others. Often, social occasions revolve around mealtimes, but people with teeth that are failing or missing will frequently need to change their diet significantly. Sometimes it’s easier for them to avoid social occasions involving food, an unhappy situation that can potentially lead to social isolation.

The Effects of Tooth Loss on Oral and General Health

Oral health can change significantly after tooth loss in Newcastle. Remaining natural teeth are less stable and can drift towards the empty spaces, a situation that also affects your bite. When natural teeth are removed, the jawbone that used to surround them quickly begins to reshape, resorbing as old bone cells are no longer renewed. This is because real tooth roots provide essential stimulation, telling the body to renew old bone cells as they die. Then there is the impact on general health, as strong and healthy teeth are needed to eat a nutritionally sound diet. Without good nutrition, it’s harder for the body to fight infection and disease. When food cannot be chewed thoroughly, it can negatively impact digestion, potentially creating digestive problems.

The Advantages of Restoring Teeth with Dental Implants

Pickering dental implants are small posts or screws made from titanium or zirconia, which is a strong ceramic material. The implants are inserted into the jawbone during a short surgical procedure, restoring the functionality of a natural tooth root as closely as possible. Because they are designed to act like a real tooth root, dental implants restore stimulation to the bone around them, ensuring old bone cells are renewed as they die. Also, dental implants are strong and once restored with implant crowns or bridges, provide a biting strength similar to real teeth. They are carefully designed to look and feel much like natural teeth, providing the proper support for cheeks and lips and ensuring the correct dimensions between the jaws is maintained.

With implant teeth, you can eat just about anything you like, so it’s easy to enjoy a good, nutritious diet. Dental implant teeth are held firmly in place so there is no concern that you will mumble or slur words. You will have the confidence of knowing your teeth look good, potentially better than your natural teeth. Also, treatment is suitable for most people and it can be especially beneficial for people facing the loss of all their natural teeth or who currently wear full dentures in Bowmanville.

Interested in Learning More about Dental Implants?

Here at Durham Dental Solutions, we assess every person’s suitability for implant treatment very carefully. We consider your current dental health and medical health and will talk to you in more depth about this treatment. Our dental office is equipped with the very latest technologies, including a cone beam CT scanner and an intraoral scanner that takes digital dental impressions. Every dental implant procedure in Clarington is computer-guided, providing you with the best and most long-lasting treatment outcome.

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