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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

If you are facing tooth loss, you have almost certainly spent a little time researching possible options to replace it. One solution is to have dental implants in Ajax. To refresh your memory about dental implants, they consist of a miniature titanium alloy or zirconia post inserted surgically into the jawbone. Once the post is in the jawbone, a remarkable event occurs called Osseointegration, where new bone cells begin to grow on and around the post, firmly anchoring it in place within just a few short months.

When Osseointegration is complete, the post is strong enough to support a new dental crown. If you are missing multiple teeth, multiple dental implants can support dental bridges, including full-arch bridges or even dentures.

Treatment is highly versatile, so it’s little wonder that dental implants have become one of the most popular ways of replacing missing teeth over the past decade or two. Treatment is tried and tested, and our dental implant dentists have a wealth of experience between them. We use computer-guided dental implant surgery in Whitby to provide our patients with the best and most predictable results. Dental implants can give you teeth that look and feel like your own, but just like any treatment, there are advantages and a few potential disadvantages.

Advantages of Dental Implants

From your perspective, this is probably the most crucial advantage, as you will receive teeth custom-designed to look and feel just like natural teeth. Dental implant teeth in Pickering are perfect for replacing single teeth because the implant post closely replicates a natural tooth root.

Implant teeth have a similar strength to natural teeth, so you should be able to eat just about anything you like. Compare this with dentures, where biting strength is significantly reduced, necessitating a considerable change in diet.

Eating a balanced diet containing everything your body needs to fight infection and disease is much easier when you enjoy your favorite foods. A good diet can help protect overall health.

Because dental implants in Brooklin replicate natural tooth roots, they help to protect the jawbone, preventing bone loss that occurs naturally after losing natural teeth. They are the only tooth loss solution providing this vital benefit. Since a great deal of bone loss occurs in the first year after tooth loss, it is best to get dental implants soon after tooth loss. Although you can get dental implants at any time, you are more likely to need an additional procedure called a bone graft to replace missing bone.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Most people will find dental implants in Oshawa are an excellent treatment, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. Some people may have medical issues that affect their ability to heal after oral surgery. Heavy smokers are less ideal as smoking also negatively impacts healing and Osseointegration.

Good Oral Care Is Critical

Bowmanville dental implants are surrounded by living tissues that can become infected without proper oral care. If you wish to have dental implants, you must look after them afterward. It isn’t difficult to care for dental implants, but keeping them clean is critical, as well as ensuring you have regular checkups and hygiene appointments. Without proper care, dental implants can become infected and could fail.

Most people find dental implants in Courtice to be a fantastic solution for tooth loss, and they enjoy the self-confidence of knowing their teeth look and feel great. The success rate of treatment is very high because we assess every person carefully for suitability. Discover if treatment is proper for you during your initial consultation with an experienced implant dentist at Durham Dental Solutions.

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