How Crucial is it to Restore Missing Teeth?

Despite the improvements in oral care in Ajax over the past decades, tooth loss is still very common. It can occur because of dental disease or injury, and the impact can be far-reaching. If you are unlucky enough to be facing tooth loss or are already missing teeth, discover why it’s crucial to restore them. But first, let’s think about the ways to restore missing teeth. While you can opt for a tooth-supported bridge or partial or full dentures, it’s highly likely your dentist in Whitby will suggest at least considering dental implants.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small yet strong screw made from titanium alloy or another durable material called zirconia, which is a type of ceramic. It is inserted directly into the jawbone during a short surgical procedure and within a short while becomes firmly fused to the bone around it. Once the implant is fused in place, it is used to connect artificial teeth in the form of dental crowns or bridges, or implant-supported dentures to the jawbone. The advantages of choosing dental implants can be significant.


Worrying about your appearance is far from a superficial reason, and even a single missing tooth can cause emotional distress. Most of us are concerned about appearance to some degree or other, and when we don’t look our best, it can affect our self-confidence and self-esteem. This, in turn, can affect other areas of life, including personal and professional relationships.

Using dental implants to restore missing teeth is often highly effective in boosting overall confidence and self-esteem. Here at Durham Dental Solutions, we take tremendous care when designing and fitting implant teeth, ensuring they look and feel very natural. Once in the mouth, it’s difficult to tell the difference between an implant tooth in Pickering and a real tooth. Often the implant tooth will look better when it’s replacing a broken down, infected and heavily decayed tooth.

Improved Comfort

Until you lose a tooth in Brooklin, it is difficult to imagine the discomfort caused when you try to eat certain foods with a gap between your teeth. Food can become uncomfortably impacted, and other foods are impossible to eat properly without teeth that can bite and chew thoroughly. Many people gain a lot of pleasure from eating a delicious meal, and often mealtimes are social occasions. Being unable to chew can potentially prevent you from enjoying a large part of life, and especially if you have to keep explaining why you can’t eat specific foods.

Because dental implant teeth in Oshawa are held firmly in place, it is easy to bite and chew food properly, without discomfort or fear of food impaction. Your food choices increase, and you can look forward to mealtimes with family and friends.

Better Oral Health

Improved oral health in Newcastle is probably the most important reason for replacing missing teeth. Even the loss of a single tooth disrupts your remaining teeth. These teeth are likely to shift and tilt towards the gap. As they move, they become less stable, and the unwanted movement affects your bite.

Replacing teeth with dental implants in Bowmanville prevents unwanted tooth movements, and the implant screw protects your jawbone. When you lose teeth, the bone that used to surround them gradually resorbs. Replacing a tooth root with an implant prevents this from happening.

Discovering More About Dental Implants

There are lots of different dental implant solutions in Clarington and treatment is suitable for most people. You can learn much more during an initial consultation, including which options could suit you best, more details about the actual treatment and the overall costs.

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