Top Myths About Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most advanced way to replace missing teeth in Ajax. They are specifically designed to replicate real tooth roots, consisting of small posts made from titanium or zirconia (a strong ceramic) that are surgically inserted directly into the jawbone. Once in the jaw, the implant post soon bonds with the bone around it so that within months, it is firmly fused in place. Implant treatment in Pickering is versatile, as you can have dental implants to restore single, multiple or even complete arches of teeth. Despite the many advantages of dental implants, this treatment is surrounded by myths.

Myth1: Everyone can have dental implants

Fact: Not everyone is suitable for treatment

Dental implants are suitable for most people, but they aren’t right for everyone, just like any surgical procedure. For a start, you must have enough bone to support the implants as they need a certain amount to ensure they bond strongly. However, a lack of bone may not mean you cannot have implants, but you will most likely need bone grafting to overcome this issue. When you visit us here at Durham Dental Solutions, bone quality is one of the first things we look at to determine your suitability. We also consider dental and general health very carefully before recommending this treatment.

Myth 2: Dental implants are painful

Fact: Dental anesthesia or sedation dentistry ensures a more comfortable, pain-free treatment

We use plenty of anesthesia to ensure you cannot feel a thing during dental implant treatment in Pickering. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find implant placement is quite quick, with little or no discomfort afterwards, and especially when only a single implant is needed. We firmly believe that dental implant treatment shouldn’t be painful or scary and can provide custom sedation dentistry solutions to ensure you feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Sedation dentistry can be particularly useful if you need lengthier or more complicated implant treatments, helping you to achieve a better, healthier smile without fear or anxiety.

Myth 3: Metal implants can cause headaches

Fact: Headaches after implant surgery in Oshawa are more likely caused by another dental problem

Titanium dental implants are highly biocompatible and very safe for use, but if you do have any concerns about metal implants or sensitivities to metal, we can discuss ceramic dental implants in Newcastle. Ceramic or zirconia implants are strong and durable and can also be good for people with thinner gums, ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Myth 4: Dental implants are risky

Fact: Implants have been used for more than forty years and typically have a success rate of 95% or more

Dental implant treatment in Bowmanville has been used for decades and has been subjected to extensive, long-term clinical research. Lots of people will enjoy their dental implants for years, if not for life. We use advanced computer-guided surgery when placing dental implants, ensuring they are correctly positioned to provide excellent long-term treatment outcomes. However, implant problems can indeed occur if you fail to care for your implants properly as they do need ongoing maintenance including regular checkups and dental cleanings combined with meticulous oral care at home. Ongoing dental care isn’t tricky, but you must be committed to maintaining dental implants.

Myth 5: Dental implants are pricy

Fact: Dental implants are an excellent long-term investment in your dental health

Initially, dental implants costs in Clarington can be a bit higher compared with other tooth replacement solutions, but they offer unique and significant long-term benefits. One of the most important is the protective effect on your jawbone, helping to prevent jawbone loss that naturally occurs after teeth are removed. Dental implants protect your natural teeth, too, preventing unwanted tooth movements, protecting your bite and sharing the stresses created during chewing. Lastly, dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth and will look and feel just like your own.



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