dental implant shown with an x-ray through the jaw of a man

Are Dental Implants the Right Choice for You?

Although preventative dentistry in Ajax has improved significantly over the past few decades, many people have lost teeth or face tooth loss in the future. Tooth loss can occur because of diseases like periodontal disease, or through trauma, for example as a result of sporting accidents.

The Impact of Losing Teeth

Tooth loss can affect you in many ways, the most obvious being appearance. People missing teeth in their smile line will often lack self-esteem and self-confidence. When you lose multiple teeth, your overall facial shape can change because your teeth support your facial muscles. Natural teeth are affected because they can shift position, moving towards the space, destabilizing them and changing your bite. It can be awkward to eat when you are missing teeth or even painful when you have teeth that are failing because of infection and tooth decay in Ajax. Consequently, it’s often easier to change your diet, choosing foods that don’t require any chewing, but which are more likely to be bland and which may lack essential minerals and vitamins. Without a healthy diet, your overall health is impacted, and it becomes harder to fight infection and disease.

What Makes Dental Implants Such a Great Choice?

There are several solutions for missing teeth, including dental bridges or dentures, but Oshawa dental implants are the most modern option and are the closest thing to restoring your natural teeth. They offer several significant benefits affecting your oral health, not least protective effect on your jawbone.

Because dental implants are shaped like tiny artificial tooth roots, they prevent the bone loss that occurs soon after tooth loss. Preventing bone loss ensures your cheeks and lips remain properly supported and especially as our dental implant teeth in Whitby are specifically shaped to preserve and protect your facial muscles, preventing them from collapsing, a prematurely ageing effect.

Dental implants in Newcastle can restore your ability to eat foods comfortably, giving you a biting strength similar to natural teeth. They are a tried and tested solution that has been used for decades, with success rates of 95% or higher. When your dental implants are properly planned and placed, they should feel every bit as comfortable as your natural teeth, so it is little wonder treatment is regarded as the gold standard for restoring missing teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

Bowmanville dental implants mimic real teeth, including the tooth root. Conventional implants have three components, the first of which is the implant screw that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. An abutment or special connector is attached to the implant and supports or secures the replacement tooth. Dental implants can support single crowns, bridges restoring multiple teeth in the same area of the mouth, and even complete arches of teeth.

Is Treatment Right for Me?

Almost certainly, yes, but the only way to find out for sure is to visit us here at Durham Dental Solutions and talk to our experienced implant dentist in Whitby. There are several important factors we need to consider, including your medical and dental health, because of the small surgical procedure required to place the dental implants. Also, we need to assess your jawbone quality using a sophisticated diagnostic test called a cone beam CT scan. The test is entirely painless and shows the available bone for dental implants. We use the scan to plan and place your dental implants too.

One question frequently asked is if age is a factor, and usually, it isn’t! Your teeth and jaws must have finished growing but being older shouldn’t generally be a problem. Many older people have benefited tremendously from dental implant treatment in Clarington. Having teeth that allow you to smile, talk and eat comfortably can bring a renewed zest for life.

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