What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

If you have lost teeth and have decided you don’t want dentures or a conventional bridge, dental implants in Ajax are an excellent, long-lasting and more modern option. If you pause for a moment to think about how many times you use your teeth each day, you can see the huge advantages of having a durable solution that functions just like natural teeth.

However, many people are initially apprehensive about having dental implant surgery in Whitby, and imagine treatment is complex and painful when the opposite is true. Dental implant treatment is relatively straightforward, not least because of all the advanced planning and it will give you the closest thing you can get to having your natural teeth restored fully. Dental implant teeth cannot move, and they protect your jawbone and remaining teeth in ways that dentures and dental bridges cannot.

Deciding If Dental Implants Are Right for You

Dental implant surgery is ideal for people who have missing or damaged teeth due to trauma or periodontal disease, but who are otherwise in good oral health. When you visit us here at Durham Dental Solutions, we will discuss your dental health and your medical health, to ensure there aren’t any existing medical conditions that could affect the outcome of dental implant treatment in Pickering. During this appointment, you will learn about all suitable dental implant solutions, exactly what is involved with each and the time required and of course the cost.

Planning Dental Implant Surgery

Planning implant surgery is done using a cone beam CT scan of your mouth and digital dental x-rays. The CT scan provides us with a detailed 3-D image of your mouth, allowing us to assess the available bone. You don’t need to worry about this stage as our experienced dental implant dentists in Newcastle digitally plan every step of your treatment. Before surgery begins, we will know exactly where each implant is to be placed and angled. We will also ensure that once restored, your implant teeth look and function just like real teeth. The digital treatment plan is replicated in the form of a surgical stent, a specialized type of template that is used during your appointment to place the dental implants.

What to Expect on the Day?

Because treatment is planned behind-the-scenes, the actual appointment is faster, smoother and more comfortable, but we know many people’s primary concern is about the level of discomfort during treatment. We do use local anesthetic to ensure you feel entirely comfortable but can provide sedation dentistry for people who are a bit more anxious or who need lengthier dental implant treatment, perhaps when placing multiple dental implants.

During this appointment, damaged teeth are removed if needed, and sometimes bone grafting is used to help strengthen the empty socket before inserting the dental implant. However, other times bone grafting is carried out as a stand-alone treatment before dental implant surgery in Oshawa. When this is the case, the graft may need time to heal before the implants are placed during a second appointment.

The actual treatment to place a dental implant is quite quick using the surgical stent as a guide. Once the implant is placed it may be restored soon after with the implant prosthesis, or sometimes it is left undisturbed to heal. You need not worry you will be left without teeth, as temporary teeth can be fitted. We also provide lots of information about post-surgery care for dental implants and are always available to help you if you need further information or assistance.

Once your dental implant treatment in Bowmanville is complete, make sure you continue to see us regularly for checkups and cleanings. Excellent preventative care ensures you can enjoy your dental implants for longer and we hope for life.

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