Eat More Comfortably with Dental Implants

It is easy to assume your teeth will always function well until they begin to cause problems. Unfortunately, failing teeth can make it tricky to do so many of those things we take for granted such as being able to eat whatever you want.

The Problems Created by Failing Teeth

When teeth are infected or severely decayed, foods that used to be enjoyable become a trial to eat. You might find that you begin to choose foods that are softer, and which probably have a higher fat content but are easier to chew. Changing your diet can make it tricky to eat foods that are more nutritious, and which contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for good overall health. Also, digestion begins in the mouth as chewing your food helps to break down tough and more fibrous foods, mixing in saliva, which contains digestive enzymes. The action of chewing helps promote the production of saliva, as you need plenty of this fluid to wash away excess bacteria and food particles and to keep your mouth fresh and clean in between regular tooth brushing and flossing in Oshawa.

Your teeth are designed to bite together properly, creating a comfortable and healthy environment that protects your jawbone, your jaw joints, and which provides the correct amount of support for your facial muscles and tissues. Losing a single tooth can negatively affect the health of your mouth, leading to jawbone loss and existing teeth can shift out of place, affecting your occlusion (bite). Losing multiple teeth in Pickering has an even more significant effect on oral health and facial appearance, as without the support of your teeth, your facial muscles and tissues collapse inward, a prematurely aging effect.

Now the good news, as dental implants in Courtice are a solution that can help many people and which can replace natural teeth, providing excellent functionality and appearance, protecting dental and general health. When you choose dental implants, you can eat more comfortably and enjoy a much wider variety of food as your biting strength is far greater. Dental implants help protect your jawbone, preventing it from deteriorating.

Our dental implant dentist in Ajax takes tremendous care to ensure all implant teeth are designed to make it easy to chew food properly while providing just the right amount of support for your facial tissues and muscles. If you have put up with loose and ill-fitting dentures for years, you could be amazed at the difference! Instead of teeth that move around uncomfortably, you can enjoy teeth that feel strong and stable. Just imagine all the foods you could eat comfortably once again and how this could improve your overall diet and health.

Multiple Solutions Are Available

Dental implant treatment in Whitby is pretty versatile, and there are multiple solutions available, so there’s bound to be something that would suit you.

Single dental implants in Clarington are excellent for replacing just a single missing tooth. They help to protect and preserve the adjacent teeth while restoring your ability to bite and chew food and of course, your appearance.

Dental implant bridges in Newcastle can replace multiple teeth in the same location in the mouth. For example, if you are missing all your teeth on the upper right side of your mouth, you won’t need to replace everyone with a dental implant as instead, two or more dental implants can support several missing teeth. The solution is even suitable for replacing entire arches of teeth.

An implant-retained denture in Clarington is a cost-effective solution requiring relatively few dental implants to hold the denture comfortably and firmly in place.

Which will be right for you? To discover the answer, schedule your consultation with our dental implant dentist at Durham Dental Solutions.



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