Will My Front Tooth Implant Look Natural?

A front tooth implant in Ajax is frequently the preferred solution for replacing a missing tooth that is highly visible when you smile or talk. However, many people are concerned that their dental implant tooth might look somehow artificial or false. Although it isn’t always easy to match implant teeth with real teeth, our skilled dentists here at Durham Dental Solutions will ensure your new implant crown looks entirely natural. If it is replacing a broken, decayed or infected tooth, your new dental implant should look, and feel much better.

Ensuring Your New Implant Tooth Looks Real

There are several ways a good implant dentist in Whitby will ensure your implant tooth looks real and, it is necessary to make sure there is enough bone and gum tissue to support the implant in the correct location. The socket that used to hold your tooth is quite delicate and needs careful management to make sure it doesn’t collapse.

Managing Your Jawbone

This can be done in a couple of different ways. One is to make sure any trauma to the surrounding bone is minimized during its removal, and especially if a dental implant is immediately inserted into the bone. Atraumatic tooth extraction is gentler and helps to preserve and protect the bony socket as much as possible. Another way is to use bone grafting materials that are immediately placed into the empty socket after tooth removal in Pickering so that the shape and strength of the bone are preserved more easily. These techniques can do a great deal to help preserve and protect against the bone loss that naturally occurs soon after teeth are removed.

However, if you lost a tooth quite some time ago and are only now considering a dental implant, don’t worry as bone grafting procedures can restore lost bone, building up the volume, so there is enough to support a dental implant.

Your Neighbouring Teeth Affect Your Jawbone Too

It’s not just the empty tooth socket as the bone around your adjacent teeth matters a great deal too. This bone affects the height of the papillae, which are the small triangles of pink gum tissue that fill the spaces where your teeth contact each other. If these papillae are lost, it can create what are called black triangles in the mouth and which can look unsightly and unnatural. Preserving and shaping these papillae is essential for a natural-looking dental implant in Oshawa.

Also, the amount of gum tissue you have is important, as some people have genetically thin gum tissue that is more prone to receding and is trickier to manage. When the gum tissue is thinner, it makes it tricky to hide the implant. Once again, this problem can usually be overcome as it is possible to have a gum graft in Newcastle.

Creating the Right Emergence Profile

It’s essential to make sure your tooth emerges from the gums exactly like a real tooth, something that is called the emergence profile. Creating the correct emergence profile takes some skill on the part of your dental implant dentist in Clarington as they need to decide where to place the dental implant and how to manage the bone and gum around it, carefully shaping the gum, so it nicely frames the tooth.

Lastly, it’s important to use high-quality ceramics to create your implant crown and which can accurately replicate all the nuances found in natural teeth such as translucency and all the different colours that can make up even a single tooth. Our dentists have excellent surgical skill and experience that helps to ensure that all these factors are considered when planning and placing your implant tooth so you can look forward to a tooth that looks and feels just like your own.

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