Why Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures?

Even with improved dental care, many people will eventually lose all their natural teeth. It wasn’t so long ago that the only solution for replacing entire arches of teeth was to have traditional dentures. Ordinary dentures in Pickering are cost-effective, and the treatment required is minimally invasive, but dentures are far from perfect.

Problems Caused by Traditional Dentures

Because dentures rest on the gums, they rely on the bony ridge underneath for support and retention. Initially, dentures can seem to fit quite well, but this can change quickly. Once natural teeth are extracted in Ajax, the jawbone soon begins to change shape as it is gradually resorbed. Much of this bone loss occurs in the first year after tooth removals, and it continues beyond this, albeit at a slower pace.

As the bony ridge becomes narrower and flatter, retention decreases, making it increasingly difficult to keep dentures in place. They can begin to slip during mealtimes or even when you speak with others. Denture adhesive is one solution, but it tends to be quite messy and costly. Another possibility is to have the denture relined, but this doesn’t do anything to help the underlying problem, which is bone loss. Also, dentures lack the strength and stability of real teeth, and as a result, many foods cannot be enjoyed. When dentures are ill-fitting, they can provide inadequate support for facial muscles, so your cheeks and lips begin to collapse inward, creating premature lines and wrinkles.

These are problems that can often be solved by choosing dental implants in Whitby and which can restore entire arches of teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants Compared with Dentures

Unlike dentures, dental implants in Oshawa don’t rest on the gums as they consist of small titanium or zirconia posts inserted into the jawbone. It might sound like a bit of a dramatic procedure, but the surgery required is really very short and quite comfortable.

Preventing Bone Loss

Once the dental implants are in the jawbone, something quite remarkable begins to happen as they gradually fuse with the bone. Both zirconia and titanium are highly biocompatible and encourage new bone growth so that within a matter of three months or so, the implant is firmly fused in place. Although not quite like a natural tooth root, the implant post closely replicates it and has enough strength to support a replacement tooth. Because it acts in a very similar way to a real tooth root, it provides the stimulation needed to prevent bone loss.

Restoring Bite Strength

Dental implants are extremely strong and stable, restoring your ability to bite and chew foods that simply isn’t possible with traditional dentures. Mealtimes should become more enjoyable, and the ability to chew food thoroughly helps with digestion. Also, you can choose foods that are more nutritious, and which can help improve your overall health. Your body needs plenty of nutrients to fight illness and disease in Newcastle.

Restoring Appearance and Self-Esteem

Here at Durham Dental Solutions, we take enormous care to custom design all dental implant treatments. You will benefit from teeth that look and feel very natural and which should make it easy to bite and chew food comfortably. Because these teeth are properly designed, they’ll provide the correct amount of support for facial muscles, helping to fill out premature lines and wrinkles. When you know you have teeth which look fabulous, it’s easier to feel good about yourself. Dental implant treatment in Clarington can often improve self-confidence and self-esteem, and especially for people who may have struggled for years with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures.

Brooklin dental implant treatments are very versatile, and there are solutions for just about anybody. Discover more during your initial free consultation.

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