Why Choose a Single Tooth Dental Implant?

Teeth can fail because of tooth decay, gum disease, and although our dentists in Ajax will try every solution to save a tooth, sometimes it is preferable to remove it. We know losing even a single tooth is upsetting and even more so if it is visible in your smile line. However, dental implants are frequently an excellent and long-lasting solution.

The reason why dental implants are such a sought-after treatment is because of their beneficial impact on your dental health compared to older solutions such as a dental bridge or partial denture. Although dental bridges and partial dentures are still widely used, there are some clear benefits in choosing Whitby dental implants.

Protecting Your Natural Teeth

When you lose even a single tooth, it impacts your remaining natural teeth. If you leave a gap in your mouth, these teeth will drift towards it, negatively affecting your bite and appearance. A dental implant fills the space left behind by the missing tooth, preventing your natural teeth from moving. Also, as you bite and chew your food, the dental implant tooth shares the pressure created, preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your natural teeth.

Preserving Your Jawbone

When a natural tooth is removed, it also affects your jawbone. When you bite or chew on your natural teeth, these pressures are transmitted through your tooth and into the tooth root in your jawbone. The pressure stimulates your jawbone, ensuring old bone cells are renewed as they die off. Without these sensations, bone cells will begin to die off, and your jawbone gradually resorbs. Because a dental implant in Newcastle artificially restores your tooth root, it provides the sensations needed to keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

Excellent Aesthetics

A dental implant tooth can look exactly like your natural tooth, or possibly even better if that tooth was broken down and decayed! Once in the mouth, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between an implant tooth and a natural tooth because your implant tooth will emerge from your gums, just like a real tooth.

Easy to Care for

Single implant teeth are super easy to look after as you can brush them normally and can floss around them, just like the rest of your teeth. It couldn’t be simpler to look after them!

But Won’t I Be Left without a Tooth for Ages?

We realize this is a very real fear and especially when you lose a front tooth. However, it’s sometimes quite possible to remove your tooth and to place a dental implant tooth on the same day. When removing a failing tooth, we take enormous care not to damage the bone around it, and if needed, we can place bone grafting material at the same time as its removal. This helps to prepare the site for the dental implant, ensuring the be plenty of strong and healthy bone surrounding it to hold it firmly in place. When a dental implant tooth is fitted soon after implant placement in Newcastle, it may well be a temporary tooth. Even though we can immediately load the implant, it still needs time to heal with the surrounding bone, and during this time, it’s important it isn’t disturbed. The implant tooth is made to restore the appearance of your smile but is purely for cosmetic purposes. Once the implant has fully healed, it is replaced with a more permanent implant tooth. If it isn’t possible to place an implant tooth soon after extraction, don’t worry as we can provide you with another temporary prosthesis.

If you would like some expert advice about dental implants in Clarington, come and see us here at Durham Dental Solutions.

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