How to Get Rid of Your Loose Dentures for Good

For people missing all their natural teeth, dentures can be a good, cost-effective solution. Modern dentures have lifelike gum-coloured acrylic bases, and which can support high-quality denture teeth. Nowadays, dentists in Whitby can create dentures that look pretty good, but this doesn’t eliminate the problems with the way they fit in the mouth.

Initially, dentures can fit quite well, but over time denture wearers will almost certainly notice they begin to feel loose. When this occurs, the dentures can move around at the most inconvenient moments, during speaking and eating. These changes occur because of the way tooth loss affects the jawbone. After your natural teeth are removed some significant jawbone loss can occur. Gradually, the ridge of bone that used to support your natural teeth and which originally supported your denture becomes flatter and narrower, providing less suction. There is a good solution, and which is to use implant-supported dentures in Oshawa.

A Straightforward Procedure

Perhaps you have heard that dental implants are a lengthy and complicated procedure? The process to receive implant-supported dentures in Pickering is relatively straightforward and especially because much of the work is done behind-the-scenes.

When you visit Durham Dental Solutions, you’ll benefit from the very latest in dental technology. We use the very best procedures to ensure every implant treatment is smoother and more precise while being minimally invasive. The process begins with a cone beam CT scan that creates a digital 3-D image of your mouth. The scan allows us to plan precisely where to place the dental implants, and computer-generated implant guides are used during the actual surgery.


Maybe you have already enquired about dental implant treatment in Newcastle but found the cost was prohibitive? Often, when teeth have been lost for years, the bony ridge that supported them must be built up using sophisticated bone grafting techniques, adding to the overall cost of treatment. With an implant denture in Clarington, we can use relatively few dental implants to secure your new denture, so treatment is much more cost-effective.

The Benefits Can Be Life Changing

An implant denture clips onto your dental implants, and you can remove it whenever you need to clean it. Although it is still a removable prosthesis, it can bring about life-changing results. For a start, your teeth are securely fastened in place, so there is no risk that they could slip or fall out when you talk or eat with others. When your teeth are firmly in place, speaking becomes easier, although initially, you might need to get used to speaking with your implant denture.

Your biting strength is improved so you will be able to enjoy a greater range of foods, and better nutrition can benefit overall health. Because the denture rests on the implants and not on your gums, your jawbone is preserved. We take enormous care when designing implant dentures to ensure your denture teeth feel comfortable, function correctly and provide good support for your facial muscles. A well-designed denture could even help to refresh your appearance!

Easy to Care for and Maintain

Because your implant denture is removable, it is very easy to keep clean. It is crucial to clean the denture thoroughly and to clean the tissues and dental implants. All prostheses require long-term maintenance, and a well-designed implant denture should be cost-effective to look after. An implant denture in Bowmanville can offer some significant advantages for people who have seen quite a bit of bone resorption and who are looking for an affordable option that will allow them to eat and to speak comfortably while restoring facial appearance.

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