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When to Choose Immediate or Delayed Dental Implants

Nowadays, dental implants in Whitby are regarded as the premier way to replace missing teeth. Over the past few decades, the technology used to restore teeth with dental implants has been extensively researched and refined. Dentists now know exactly how dental implants can integrate with a person’s jawbone and understand how they can provide a solid anchorage point for lifelike replacement crowns, bridges and dentures.

Even though dental implants are increasingly regarded as a routine procedure, they do require an enormous amount of care and planning. It takes a great deal of skill and experience in ensuring the replacement teeth are the correct size, shade and shape and are framed with healthy pink gum tissue. Dental implant dentists in Oshawa must also consider whether to place an immediate or delayed dental implant. This may depend on whether the tooth in question still needs to be extracted or has already been removed sometime before.

When a tooth must still be removed for implant placement in Newcastle, the aim is to remove it causing as little disturbance to the bony socket around it. If successful, it’s sometimes possible to place the implant immediately after extraction. Traditionally, a dental implant is allowed to remain undisturbed for several months after placement, giving the bone around the implant time to heal and to fuse to the implant post. In specific circumstances, it’s possible to receive a temporary crown on the same day as the tooth is extracted and the implant placed.

When to Consider an Immediate Dental Implant?

An immediate dental implant is an ideal situation because it reduces the overall treatment time and ensures you can enjoy your implant tooth that much more quickly. Previously the concern was that placing too much stress on an implant tooth that hadn’t yet fused completely could lead to failure. However, researchers discovered that in the right circumstances, failure is rare and that the success rate for this procedure is similar to that of a delayed implant crown.

Is an Immediate Dental Implant Right for You?

When you visit us here at Durham Dental Solutions, we can assess your oral health and your medical health, and we will recommend the treatment option we know will provide the best outcome for you. A cone beam CT scan shows us the condition of the bone that will surround the implant, and we can identify the optimal position for implant placement.

Sometimes it may be preferable to choose a delayed or more traditional dental implant. For example, if you have thinner bone or gum tissue, or have specific medical conditions, it might be better to have a delayed dental implant, where the post is placed and allowed to fuse with your jawbone, and the implant crown is placed at a later date. Also, with an immediate dental implant in Brooklin, it is usually necessary to eat a softer diet for a while to avoid placing any stress on the implant. If this is a problem, a delayed implant procedure might be the best approach.

However, when none of these factors apply to you, an immediate dental implant might be an excellent solution, and especially when it is possible to remove the failing tooth without disturbing the bone and gum too much. Often, a dental bone graft in Pickering can be placed when the tooth is removed and as the implant is inserted. A bone graft can reduce bone loss and can help natural bone to regrow more effectively.

Even if you can’t have an immediate dental implant in Courtice, treatment is still worthwhile, as with the right care you could be enjoying your implant teeth for years, or even for life.

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