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Is There a Right Age to Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the most modern way to replace missing teeth. They are unique in that they can restore the entire tooth, including the tooth root. More people are choosing this treatment because implant teeth in Ajax can look exactly like real teeth. They are far stronger and more durable than dentures and are often the ideal solution for tooth loss. However, they are not the right choice for everybody. It’s important to understand how age could potentially affect the success of treatment.

What Is the Ideal Age to Have Dental Implants in Whitby?

Ideally, if you are older than age 18, you could receive dental implants. Usually, there are very few restrictions on who is suitable for implant treatment once they are a fully-grown adult. Unfortunately, dental implants are less ideal for people under the age of 18 because it’s most likely that their teeth and jaws are still developing and growing.

By age 18, your facial bones and jaws should have developed fully, but the exact time can vary. For example, some people may need to wait a little longer, depending on their rate of development. This is why when you visit us here at Durham Dental Solutions, our implant dentist in Oshawa will assess your oral health and your jawbone and facial bones very carefully. Sometimes when you are younger waiting another year or two before treatment is the best and safest option to ensure long-term success.

Is It Possible to Be Too Old for Dental Implants?

Being older isn’t generally a factor as your overall health is far more crucial. To put this into perspective, the oldest person to ever have this treatment was an American lady aged 100 and who received four dental implants. While this might be an exceptional case, it does highlight the fact that dental implants can work equally as well for older people and many have received dental implants in their 80s or even 90s. Dental implant treatment for the elderly can achieve similar results in comparison with younger age groups. But other factors must be accounted for when considering anyone for implant treatment in Newcastle. Specific medical conditions may impair the healing process, affecting the way a dental implant post can integrate with the jawbone. When an implant post can’t fully integrate with the bone around it, the risk of treatment failure is substantially higher.

What Else Can Influence Implant Treatment Success?

Factors that can influence success include diabetes, smoking, and having a history of poor oral hygiene. Some people who have certain cancers may not initially be able to have dental implants. But things can change, and if you have diabetes that is well controlled or have received successful treatment for cancer and your health is restored, your dentist may still consider you for dental implants in Clarington.

Finding out for Sure If Dental Implants Are Right for You

If you are interested in dental implant treatment in Pickering, you will need a full evaluation with an experienced dental implant dentist. Our highly skilled dental team has years of experience in successfully placing dental implants, and we carry out extensive diagnostic tests when evaluating patients for this treatment. These tests include a cone beam CT scan and digital dental x-rays. It is crucial that you provide us with a complete medical history, just in case there is anything else that needs to be considered when planning your implant treatment. In addition to assessing your suitability, we will want to chat with you about your aims and desires for this treatment, as sometimes there may be more than one available solution to restore your smile.


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