Restoring Your Smile with Teeth in a Day

Your smile is such an important way to express your personality, but if you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you may frequently hide your mouth. Dental problems such as missing or failing teeth are common but when you know your smile doesn’t look its best it can affect the way you interact with others. Continually feeling embarrassed could prevent you from talking, laughing and communicating with other people and can harm your personal and professional life. Sound familiar? There is a solution as Teeth in a Day in Ajax is an innovative treatment that is ideal for some people facing complete tooth loss.

It is an excellent treatment for anyone who is concerned they could be left without teeth for any length of time, a widespread concern for people with failing or missing teeth. With this treatment, your teeth can be restored on the same day as the surgery to place your dental implants in Whitby.

How Is It Possible to Restore Teeth in Just a Day?

Teeth in a Day is a procedure where our dentists will plan your treatment before your surgery, and we can design and make a new temporary fixed bridge. Your dental implants are inserted during a short surgical procedure, and soon after, the temporary fixed bridge is placed in your mouth. The fixed bridge remains in place while your dental implants heal, a crucial process where they gradually integrate with your jawbone. Once the integration process is complete, we can design and make your new permanent bridge that will be fitted onto your dental implants. It’s a procedure that ensures you can comfortably receive dental implants without the worry of going without your smile. Instead, you’ll be able to carry on with daily activities without worrying about the appearance of your teeth.

Who Can Have Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day is a treatment that is available for some patients, but it will not suit everybody. To find out if it’s a solution for you, our dentist here at Durham Dental Solutions will need to assess your mouth thoroughly. It’s essential to determine the quality and quantity of bone available to support your dental implants and to make sure these implants can be ideally situated to support your new full arch bridge.

How Many Dental Implants Are Needed to Support a Full Arch Bridge?

During the planning stage, we can determine how many dental implants are needed to support your dental bridge. We will recommend the number of implants we know will provide you with the very best level of support, giving you an optimal outcome. If you are a candidate, each stage of treatment is planned well in advance, and way before you sit in the dental chair to receive your dental implants.

At this point, our dental implant dentist in Oshawa will know precisely where each dental implant is best situated to provide maximum support. Computer-guided surgery is used to plan and place your dental implants and to design your new bridge of teeth. By using these techniques, it’s possible to make sure your new teeth look and feel great, providing you with excellent functionality.

Will I Have to Remove My Teeth Each Day for Cleaning?

Unlike an implant-supported denture, a full arch bridge of teeth is firmly fixed in place. The teeth are either cemented or screwed onto your dental implants and can only be removed by a dentist in Newcastle. It might be necessary to remove the bridge periodically for cleaning and maintenance, but otherwise, it will stay fixed in your mouth, providing you with all the benefits of having teeth that feel just like your own. If your teeth are failing, just imagine how this treatment could help you.

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