Using Digital Smile Design for Dental Implants

When you are missing teeth in Courtice and are thinking about how to replace them, you will probably be understandably concerned about the outcome. What if your new teeth don’t look quite right once they are fitted in the mouth, or if you aren’t happy with their shape, size or colour? These are all reasons why Durham Dental Solutions has invested in digital smile design technology. This technology enables our dentists to provide even better results when designing complex implant treatments and smile makeovers, giving our patients a more predictable and desirable treatment outcome.

What is Digital Smile Design?
Digital smile design is a specialized planning tool that allows our dentists to devise a more exact treatment plan based on analyzing your dental and facial proportions and using detailed digital scans. Our dental office is equipped with a scanner that can take digital dental impressions in Bowmanville, simply by scanning the inside of your mouth using a tiny handheld laser. This is an extremely advanced technology not available in most dental offices, and it eliminates the need for those uncomfortable and messy dental impressions. We also use an intraoral scanner to take high-definition digital images right inside your mouth and which are used while aesthetically planning your treatment.

The data collected is imported into the digital smile design software. All this information is utilized to create your personal treatment plan. Our dental implant dentists are extremely skilled in ensuring dental implants are positioned in the perfect locations to create functional yet beautiful dental implant teeth for our patients in Brooklin.

Your Involvement Is Critical during the Smile Design Process
Once we have all this information, and our dentists have planned your initial treatment, it’s time for you to get involved as you will be able to view virtual images as to how your new teeth will look. This is your chance to collaborate closely with our dental implant dentist in Whitby, and you get to decide if you like the design chosen for you, or if you would prefer something different.

It’s up to you to make sure you communicate your desires with our dental team so that we can alter and improve the virtual images showing your new smile. These images can be adjusted as frequently as needed until you are entirely happy with the treatment outcome. The next stage is to bring the virtual world to life, and we will work closely with our talented dental technicians to create an aesthetically beautiful and fully functional new smile that is just for you. Instead of being concerned about how your dental implant teeth will appear in the mouth, you can look forward to the completion of treatment.

A Different and Far Better Process
Digital smile design is a wonderful way to plan treatments such as dental implants and full smile makeovers. Using this technology helps to remove any problems with miscommunication and can also help to ensure that all your questions about treatment are answered beforehand. With this approach, we can provide you with a dental implant treatment in Pickering that truly suits your needs. Because dental implant treatment can last for years, if not for life, it is critical to make sure the procedure is meticulously designed. This can be especially important when replacing entire arches or multiple teeth with dental implants.

If you are considering dental implants and are intrigued to find out how they could change your appearance, contact us for your initial dental implant consultation. You will discover if digital smile design in Oshawa could be helpful for your unique needs.

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