How to Get Rid of Your Loose Dentures

If you currently wear full dentures, you might have thought you are stuck with them forever, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Did you realize you might be a good candidate for dental implants in Ajax? You could opt for implant-supported dentures or imagine receiving non-removable teeth the same day as your treatment.

Implant-Supported Dentures
With an implant-supported denture, you can look forward to enjoying teeth that click or snap onto dental implants permanently fixed in your jaw. Relatively few implants are needed, so treatment is highly affordable, giving you stable teeth that won’t embarrass you by moving when you talk or eat. You can remove your implant dentures each day for cleaning.

Teeth-in-a-day will provide you with a complete set of upper or lower teeth that are permanently fitted onto the dental implants. You may need as few as four dental implants to support your teeth, but our implant dentist in Brooklin could suggest using more than this for greater stability and to ensure a better and more predictable treatment outcome.

Because all dental implant treatment in our Oshawa dental office is planned well ahead of the actual surgery, we can ensure you aren’t left without teeth for any significant length of time. All of our restorations are planned using computer-aided design, so you have the advantage of receiving precision-fitted prostheses that look and feel fantastic. By the time you leave our dental office after implant treatment, your new teeth will be firmly in place.

Perhaps You Think Dental Implants Aren’t for You?
Maybe you have already investigated dental implants or have discarded this idea? There are lots of reasons why people think dental implants aren’t for them. Sometimes they are simply unaware of all the possible options, while others might previously have been told they aren’t suitable for dental implant treatment in Whitby. Often, people were informed they weren’t a good candidate for dental implants in the past because they didn’t have enough bone to support the implants.

It is true that bone loss can be a problem and especially if you have worn dentures for quite a while because your jawbone naturally resorbs after tooth loss. However, the very latest bone grafting techniques can restore missing bone, allowing dental implants to be placed in strong, healthy jawbone. Alternatively, there are solutions where it isn’t necessary to have a bone graft, as instead, the implants are placed strategically to maximize the use of available good quality bone.

No Need to Feel Nervous
Think you are too nervous to have dental implants? You don’t need to feel nervous or anxious during treatment as sedation dentistry in Pickering can alleviate your fears, leaving you calm and relaxed. With a deeper level of sedation, you could even sleep through your treatment.

Here at Durham Dental Solutions, we offer a range of sedation options that include laughing gas and oral sedation, and intravenous sedation or sleep dentistry. These are solutions that will ensure your visit is stress-free and as comfortable as possible. We go to enormous lengths to ensure our patients are safe during treatment because your health and well-being are of paramount importance to us. All methods of sedation are given by a dentist or by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Every person is carefully considered for their suitability, including a current medical examination, an examination by our dental anesthesiologist, and we meticulously review all medications.

If you thought dental implant treatment in Newcastle was nothing but a dream, why not schedule a free consultation? It may well be possible to get rid of your loose and uncomfortable dentures, perhaps forever. Our dental implant dentists have decades of experience and knowledge between them, and our office is equipped with the most advanced technology. You can rest assured your dental health is in good hands and your dream smile could become a reality!

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