Using Digital Technology for Dental Implant Treatment

If you have ever visited Durham Dental Solutions before, you will know we pride ourselves on ensuring our dental office in Ajax is equipped with the most advanced technologies. By investing in the very latest digital equipment, we can ensure our patients enjoy a smoother, more comfortable and more successful dental implant treatment.

No More Uncomfortable and Messy Dental Impressions!
Instead of a conventional tray impression, our dentists in Whitby utilize an advanced 3D oral scanner. This device uses a radiation-free laser to scan your mouth and which creates a perfect digital replica. Its use eliminates the imperfections frequently found in traditional tray impressions and which can affect the fit of restorations. Once created and thoroughly checked, the digital file is sent securely to the dental lab where it is used to create a precision-made device that will fit perfectly onto your dental implants.

In addition to improving the accuracy of dental restorations, a digital scanner is a far more comfortable process. You won’t need to sit with your mouth perfectly still for several minutes, which is a huge bonus for anyone with a strong gag reflex and who struggles with an ordinary tray impression. It is quick, non-invasive and our dentist in Pickering can assess the digital scan while you are still in the chair. Also, there is no need to worry about tiny pieces of impression material stuck around your teeth and mouth. It is a greener procedure too, as impression trays are often disposable and along with the impression material, will end up in the landfill.

Digital Smile Design
Often, people who need or desire dental implants are interested in improving their smile and might be missing one or multiple teeth or need additional dental treatments. By using digital smile design in Brooklin, we can get you involved with the process of planning your ideal smile.

Our office is equipped with a high-definition intro-oral camera that can take detailed images right inside your mouth. These images are used to diagnose and plan treatment, helping to achieve an optimal aesthetic outcome. The images can be manipulated digitally to create virtual images of your new smile, even before any work has begun. This allows you to view these images and to work with us in designing and fabricating your dream smile. It is an exciting process, and most people find it fascinating to get a sneak preview.

Cone Beam CT Scanner
We can’t talk about digital technology without mentioning our cone beam CT scanner in Oshawa. It is an invaluable tool for surgically planning dental implant treatment in Newcastle. Not all dental offices will use a cone beam CT scan to plan implant treatment, but there are lots of advantages in doing so. It is especially critical to have a cone beam CT scan when planning more complex dental implant treatments such as full mouth reconstruction.

A cone beam CT scan creates highly detailed 3D images of your teeth and jaws, so our dental implant dentist in Bowmanville can see precisely where essential structures like nerves and blood vessels are located, and the quality and quantity of your jawbone can be accurately assessed. It is vital information that ensures your implant treatment is planned precisely down to the last millimetre, creating a treatment plan that is exactly replicated during your implant surgery. This ensures your implant treatment is more successful and equally as important, that is completed smoothly and more quickly.

There are lots of advantages in using digital technology in dentistry, and all of our equipment here at Durham Dental Solutions is up-to-date and meticulously maintained because, above all, your health and safety is always our top priority.

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