When to Choose a Ceramic Dental Implant?

When it comes to replacing teeth, a dental implant in Ajax can be the very best solution, but once you’ve made this decision, there are other factors to consider. One thing to think about is whether you’ll choose to have a metal or ceramic dental implant.

Usually, dental implants in Whitby are made from a titanium alloy. This is a medical-grade material that is extremely high-quality, and it’s tried and tested. Titanium alloy dental implants have been used for decades. However, not everyone wants to have metal in their mouth, and some people may have metal allergies or sensitivities. Even though titanium is exceptionally inert, some people could have potential sensitivities to titanium implants.

These sensitivities can be diagnosed more thoroughly with MELISA testing. A MELISA test is a blood test that can accurately test for allergies to several different metals. If you do have a metal allergy or would simply prefer a metal-free mouth, a ceramic dental implant in Pickering could be for you.

What Is a Ceramic Dental Implant?
A ceramic dental implant is made from an incredibly durable material called zirconia. While zirconia dental implants have not been around for as long as titanium implants, they have been in use for quite a while now and are very safe and reliable. They were initially introduced into Europe in the late 1990s and now have been used in North America for well over a decade.

Most zirconia dental implants are fabricated as a single unit. This is a little different from many titanium alloy implants that are fabricated in two separate parts. Usually, a dental implant in Brooklin consists of the post or screw that is inserted into the jawbone, while the second part is the implant abutment that is connected to the screw and which supports the replacement tooth. Zirconia dental implants combine the implant screw and abutment in a single unit.

What Are Some Other Reasons for Choosing a Ceramic Dental Implant?
Other than being metal-free, there are quite a few possible advantages in choosing a ceramic dental implant in Oshawa.

A One-Piece Hygienic Design
It’s a design that can be advantageous for your dental health because the lack of prosthetic connections makes it harder for bacteria to grow, in turn helping your gum health. The smooth surface of zirconia also makes it harder for bacteria to thrive.

Highly Biocompatible
Zirconia is a highly biocompatible and what is called a bioinert material. This means it integrates exceptionally well with the body and can fuse strongly with the jawbone.

Excellent Aesthetics
A ceramic dental implant in Newcastle can be an excellent solution when replacing a front tooth and where appearance is critical. Some people have naturally thinner gums than others, and when this is the case, it can allow the metal colour of a titanium dental implant to shine through. Ceramic dental implants eliminate this risk because they are naturally white coloured.

Deciding whether to have a ceramic dental implant in Bowmanville or if it is better to opt for a traditional titanium alloy implant is a decision that we can help you with. Our extremely experienced implant dentist here at Durham Dental Solutions can assess your dental health and will discuss your medical health with you to discover which choice of material best suits your needs.

We only use the highest quality dental implants so you can be sure of receiving the very best treatment. Computer-guided implant surgery ensures each implant is optimally placed, minimizing any discomfort and aiding healing. Both types of implants are a sophisticated and advanced way to restore missing teeth, providing you with replacement teeth that look and feel like your own.

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