Temporary Dental Implant Teeth: Ensuring You Aren’t Left Without a Smile

One of the most common questions heard by dental implant dentists in Ajax is whether their patients will be left without teeth during dental implant treatment. It is an understandable concern and especially because this treatment can often take several months or longer to complete. The good news is that you don’t need to be without your teeth while your dental implants heal, and there are options for temporary dental implant teeth.

If you need implants to replace your molars, right at the back of your mouth, you might not need to have a temporary. Other options for temporary dental implant teeth in Oshawa include the following.

  • Teeth that are closer to the front of your mouth and which are in the ‘smile line’ can be replaced using a dental flipper in Whitby. A dental flipper is removable and is a one-tooth denture, so it must be left out at night. Dental flippers can look quite good, although they aren’t very strong as they only need to be worn for a short time.
  • An Essix retainer is a bit like a tooth whitening tray or Invisalign aligner, but which has temporary teeth attached to it. If you choose to have an Essix retainer temporary in Pickering, it will need to be removed at night.
  • A Snap-on-Smile is a temporary bridge made from strong dental resin and is suitable for restoring upper or lower front teeth. This is also removable, but because it fits over your teeth, it can feel a bit bulky.
  • A Maryland or sticky bridge has ‘wings’ that are temporarily cemented onto the back surfaces of the teeth adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth. It remains in place for the duration of the healing period and is removed when your new implant tooth is ready to fit.
  • It might be possible to fit temporary dental implant teeth soon after dental implant surgery in Newcastle. When this option is used, the teeth are designed for cosmetic purposes and will most likely be a bit shorter than normal, so you cannot bite or chew on these teeth as this could disturb the implants as they heal. These temporary dental implant teeth should, however, look pretty nice and will remain in place until your implant has healed.

What About Teeth in a Day in Bowmanville?
Teeth in a day is an amazing technique used to treat people who require a complete arch of teeth. With this treatment, your dental implants are placed, and a new set of teeth are attached to the dental implants on the same day. It might be possible to secure an entire arch of teeth with as few as four dental implants, but our implant dentist in Clarington will recommend the number of implants needed for long-term success. Once your implants are placed, your new bridge of teeth is firmly attached to the implants. This solution works well because the new bridge ‘locks’ the implants together, splinting them so they cannot move. Usually, with conventional dental implant treatment, the implants must remain undisturbed for several months to prevent unwanted movements to the implants.

Dental implant treatment is enormously versatile and can help most people regardless of whether they are only missing a single tooth or need every tooth replacing. Knowing you can have some type of temporary dental implant teeth will hopefully set your mind at rest, so please don’t worry, you won’t be left without a smile!

You can learn much more about dental implant treatment during your initial consultation. Contact Durham Implant Solutions to discover why implants are so popular, and how this treatment could help you.

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