How to Sleep Through Your Dental Implants Treatment

Dental fear, phobias and even the sights, sounds and smells of a dental clinic can deter people from seeking essential dental treatment. Unfortunately, ongoing preventative dental care is critical for maintaining a healthy mouth, and without it, the risk of tooth loss and discomfort is much higher. People with deep-seated fears will often fail to seek dental treatment until it is too late to save teeth, leaving the problem of how to replace them efficiently and comfortably. Dental implants treatment is frequently the best and most long-lasting way to replace missing teeth in Ajax but does require a small surgical procedure that can seem daunting for anyone with dental fears. Does this sound familiar? Don’t despair! Here at Durham Implant Solutions, we understand dental visits might initially seem scary and can help you.

One extremely effective solution is sedation or sleep dentistry. The degree of sedation supplied depends on your level of anxiety and is fully customized to suit your needs. Laughing gas or oral sedation will help you to feel more comfortable, helping you to relax and feel calm while you receive dental care. Using advanced intravenous sedation dentistry, you can comfortably relax or even sleep through the entire procedure to place dental implants in Whitby.

Advantages of Sleep Dentistry
There are several advantages in choosing sleep dentistry, and the idea of relaxing during treatment is understandably appealing to anyone who feels nervous when receiving dental care. It is an excellent option for people who might require extensive or lengthier treatments, for example, multiple dental implants or additional procedures such as bone or tissue grafting in Pickering. Sedation dentistry allows your dentist to complete more work during a single appointment, and with intravenous sedation, it could seem as if just moments have passed since you sat in the chair.

How Does Each Type of Sedative Work?
Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is a very mild sedative and is inhaled through a small mask fitted over your nose. The gas will help to take the edge off dental anxiety in Brooklin, so you feel relaxed and comfortable. It takes effect in just a few seconds, but once treatment is completed and the gas is turned off, you’ll quickly feel back to normal and can even drive yourself home. Oral sedatives take a little longer to work and are given before your appointment so that when you enter the treatment room, you will already feel calmer. You will be continually monitored the entire time you are with us, and if needed we can adjust your sedation during your appointment.

Intravenous or sleep sedation uses a strong sedative administered intravenously during your appointment and which is provided by a dental anesthesiologist in Courtice. The sedative will make you feel so deeply relaxed that you will feel very drowsy, and afterwards you are unlikely to remember anything about your treatment. It is the ideal solution to anyone with deep-seated fears. We will monitor you very closely during your appointment, and you will need someone to take you home.

Can Anyone Have Sleep Dentistry?
We want you to receive the dental treatment you need or desire, but it is crucial to us that you are safe! Every person considering any form of dental sedation in Oshawa must have their medical history thoroughly reviewed. We will only recommend sleep dentistry if we feel it is appropriate for your dental and medical health.

If you do have any level of dental anxiety in Newcastle, contact our practice and talk to our friendly dental team. We have extensive experience in helping people with dental fears and would love to help you too!

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