Root Canal Treatment vs. Dental Implant

Your natural teeth must put up with a lot, so it is hardly surprising that some will fail. Teeth can be affected by trauma or disease, and you’ll find your dentist in Ajax will try very hard to save a natural tooth from extraction. A significant problem can occur when the inner part of the tooth containing living tissues becomes compromised. This part is called the pulp and houses nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. The resulting infection and inflammation of the pulp can be extremely painful, or in the worst case potentially life-threatening. One treatment which is often used is root canal treatment in Whitby, and which can restore teeth that are severely infected.

Root Canal Therapy
Root canal treatment removes the pulp and cleans and disinfects the canals extending from the pulp into the tooth roots. The tooth is then sealed against further infection and is often covered entirely with a dental crown to protect and restore the tooth’s appearance, strength and structure. Most people will find root canal treatment in Pickering is very successful, and an adult root treated tooth can survive perfectly well without the dental pulp as this part of the tooth is only essential while the tooth is growing and developing.

However, root canal therapy may not always last forever. A tooth can need further treatment if it becomes re-infected or decayed, or if the tooth root subsequently fractures. If this occurs, the decision to re-treat the tooth is more complicated. At this stage, your dentist might need to remove the crown, to access the root canals, and the tooth may need strengthening. Re-treating a tooth after root canal therapy has failed can be an expensive process. Some teeth are simply more challenging to treat initially, and particularly those with very curved roots that are tricky to disinfect entirely.

Otherwise, another option is to have the tooth removed and replaced entirely with a dental implant in Newcastle.

Dental Implants
Dental implants in Brooklin are one of the most significant innovations in dentistry and have now been successfully used for many years. An implant artificially replaces a real tooth root and bonds with the bone around it, providing a strong foundation for the replacement tooth. Implants have been extensively studied and offer a predictable solution for tooth loss. Lots of people have had their dental implants for a long time and may even enjoy them for life. Dental implant teeth are highly aesthetic and feel and function exactly like real teeth. Provided you care for your dental implant properly, the risk of complications is low. One advantage of having a dental implant is its protective effect on your jawbone, and adjacent healthy teeth don’t need to be reshaped and are not compromised in any way.

Making the Decision
Your dentist can help you decide if root canal treatment is appropriate, given your dental history and the condition of the tooth. There will most likely be one solution that seems preferable or more appealing than the other. If there is a substantial risk that root canal treatment could fail, it may be better to spend that money on a dental implant in Oshawa. It could save you time and money in the future and should help to provide peace of mind, rather than worrying that a tooth could ultimately fail.

We take enormous care when planning implant treatment here at Durham Implant Solutions and will only suggest an implant if we feel it is the optimal treatment for your needs. Our dental implant dentists have extensive skill and experience in ensuring you receive excellent treatment and a new tooth that looks and functions just like your original. It could even look better than its predecessor and should certainly feel more comfortable and pain-free!

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