Could Multiple Teeth Implants Restore Your Smile?

If you have lost more than one tooth, your options for replacing them include tooth-supported bridges or a partial denture, but the most modern and advanced treatment is to have multiple teeth implants. It is a great solution if you are missing multiple teeth that were originally adjacent to each other, and especially because it isn’t necessary to replace every tooth with a dental implant in Ajax.

Multiple teeth implants can support quite large dental bridges in Whitby, and treatment is more economical than replacing each tooth individually. Provided you care for your dental implants correctly, they should last for years, and some people will have them for life. There are a couple of other significant benefits too!

Preserving Your Natural Teeth
Although a tooth-supported bridge can look fantastic, it does mean significantly reshaping some of your natural teeth as these must be crowned to support a dental bridge in Pickering. Crowning these teeth isn’t a problem when they will benefit from the protection offered by a full dental crown, perhaps because they are decayed or infected, or are worn down. It isn’t an ideal choice if your natural teeth are strong and healthy and already look pretty good.

Dental implants avoid these potential problems because a multiple implant bridge is self-supporting. Instead, it can help to protect your natural teeth, preventing unwanted movements and preventing jawbone loss. Also, sometimes the adjacent teeth are not strong enough to support a dental bridge or are missing entirely so dental implants in Courtice can be an excellent solution.

More Comfortable than a Partial Denture
Partial dentures are an economical solution for multiple tooth loss, but they are held in place with clasps around your existing teeth, or by crowns that have special attachments, where the partial denture has attachments that slot into corresponding attachments on a dental crown. Clasps and special attachments do a great job of holding a partial denture relatively securely in position, but they can place additional strains on the natural teeth used for support. Also, a denture will never provide the same level of biting and chewing resistance provided by multiple teeth implants in Clarington.

Who Can Have Multiple Teeth Implants?
It’s worth considering multiple dental implants in Brooklin if you currently wear a partial denture and find it uncomfortable to cope with, or if your remaining natural teeth are strong and healthy and you’d prefer not to have them modified in any way. Most people can have dental implants, but it is essential to have a proper evaluation from your dentist in Oshawa. Your current dental and medical health must be considered, and a consultation is your chance to learn more about the treatment, including dental implant costs and the time needed to complete the procedure.

What About Dental Fears?
Tooth loss can often occur because someone has felt too nervous or anxious to visit the dentist regularly and have delayed treatment until teeth cannot be saved. We understand the thought of even seeing a dentist can be scary, but Durham Implant Solutions does offer compassionate and gentle dental care, and we have several sedation options available.

Why Choose Dental Sedation?
Dental sedation will help you to relax, or to even fall asleep during your treatment so that when you awaken everything will be over. It can be an excellent choice if you would love to have multiple dental implants but where dental fears are preventing you from receiving the very best dentistry in Newcastle. Solutions include light sedation such as laughing gas or oral sedation, or intravenous sedation where you will most likely sleep through, and you will not remember very much if anything about your appointment.

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