What to Expect When You Choose Dental Implants

You’ve lost teeth or are facing tooth loss and have decided to get dental implants in Ajax. So, what happens now? When you initially consider dental implant treatment, it might seem intimidating or even a bit scary, but once you discover more, you’ll quickly realize there is nothing to fear.

There are lots of different dental implant options, and you’ll discover which is best for you during your initial consultation with us here at Durham Implant Solutions. A dental implant post or screw is made from medical-grade titanium alloy or from a special type of ceramic called zirconia and is surgically placed in the jaw by a dentist. The screw artificially replaces your natural tooth root and bonds with the surrounding bone, becoming strong enough to support a new implant tooth in Pickering.

Possible treatment options include single implant crowns or implant-supported bridges which are permanently fixed in place. Removable implant-dentures in Whitby that fit firmly onto the implants and which are taken out for easy cleaning are frequently a cost-effective solution.

How Long Will Treatment Take?
The length of treatment is determined by the type of implants selected. Some dental implants are fitted and restored with new teeth in a single day. Others are left to heal for several months before new teeth are fitted onto them. The procedure to place an implant in the jaw is pretty quick because treatment is thoroughly pre-planned behind-the-scenes. It is an approach that ensures your implant treatment in Brooklin is quicker and smoother, and of course, is more comfortable. Other factors include whether you need teeth removed, and your current dental health. Regardless of which treatment is best, you won’t be left without teeth as temporary teeth can always be provided.

Does Implant Treatment Hurt?
You might experience some discomfort, but many people are amazed because they feel much more comfortable than they’d imagined after having a dental implant. Medications can be prescribed to deal with any discomfort, but often over-the-counter medication is all that is necessary to have on hand. One vital thing to remember is that you don’t need to feel fearful during your treatment.

Choose Sedation Dentistry if You Feel Nervous
You don’t need to suffer to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile because we can provide a range of sedation options. If you choose, everything can be done while you ‘sleep’ using intravenous sedation dentistry in Oshawa, so that when you awaken you won’t remember anything, and it will seem as if only moments have passed. Alternatively, we can provide lighter sedation, for example, laughing gas or oral sedation.

Treatment is a One or Two-Part Process
If your dental implants are fitted and restored with new teeth on the same day, then your implant treatment is a single process. Otherwise, your dental implants are placed and allowed to heal before your new teeth are made and fitted. Usually, the implants are left undisturbed for three or more months so they can bond with the surrounding bone, and you will have temporary teeth to wear.

What Happens If a Bone Graft is Needed?
Sometimes it is necessary to have a bone graft for dental implants in Bowmanville. Your jawbone can diminish if the bone is destroyed by gum disease, or if you lost teeth some years ago and it has been naturally absorbed. Whatever the reason, a bone graft isn’t anything to be concerned about, but it might slow down treatment slightly.

Taking That First Step
When you have an initial consultation for dental implants in Clarington, your dentist will explain every aspect of treatment to you and will allow plenty of time for questions. The more you learn, the more you’ll realize how fantastic this treatment is. Instead of feeling scared or apprehensive, you can look forward to having a beautiful, functional smile.

Why not take that first step and book your consultation today?

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