Is Dental Fear Preventing You from Getting Dental Implants?

Dental fear and anxiety in Canada are very common, and an estimated 10 to 20% of us admit to avoiding dental visits because of these reasons. People with dental phobias have higher levels of anxiety and will feel extremely anxious or panicky at the mere thought of seeing a dentist in Ajax. Unfortunately, some people avoid regular preventative dentistry altogether, only visiting the dentist when the pain is too much to bear.

If you know you feel anxious about the thought of seeing a dentist in Whitby, please let us reassure you. You’ll find the entire team here at Durham Implant Solutions is extremely friendly and approachable, and we hope not in the least bit scary! We are very experienced in helping nervous people overcome dental fear, and we’d love the opportunity to help you too.

There are lots of ways to approach dental anxiety, but initially, we need to know how you feel so we can work out the best way to assist you. When you contact our dental office, please mention your fears, and we will work with you to overcome them, ensuring you can comfortably receive the dental treatment you need and desire, including dental implants in Pickering.

Discovering the Cause of Dental Anxieties
Reasons for dental anxieties can range from fear of injections or pain or loss of control. Sometimes anxieties and dental fear can stem from a previous bad experience or are inherited. If your parents are afraid of dental visits, there’s a good chance they may have inadvertently passed these fears on. Understanding why you feel anxious helps us to provide you with the very best treatment to overcome these fears. We can make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during every appointment, and that treatment is pain-free. One highly effective way to do this is by using sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, you can relax during your visit, and it is especially helpful if you’d like to have dental implants in Brooklin.

Our dental office provides a range of sedation options including mild sedatives like laughing gas and oral sedation, as well as intravenous sedation, where you will most likely feel so deeply relaxed that you actually fall asleep.

Mild Sedation
With mild sedation, you will be prescribed an oral sedative taken shortly before your appointment to help you feel calm and relaxed for your treatment. Oral sedation can be given with laughing gas. Many people are familiar with laughing gas in Oshawa, where nitrous oxide is inhaled through a small mask fitting comfortably over your nose. It produces a feeling of relaxation that helps people with mild anxieties and dental fear to feel much more comfortable. The effects quickly wear off once the mask is removed.

Receive Dental Treatment “While You Sleep”
People who feel profoundly anxious or who need longer appointments may feel more comfortable with the thought of being asleep during treatment. We work with a board-certified dental anesthesiologist who administers the sedative intravenously during your treatment. By the time you wake up, it will all be over!

Keeping You Safe
Whichever sedative you choose, you’ll be continuously monitored to ensure you remain safe and comfortable. Every person opting for dental sedation is carefully assessed beforehand for their suitability because while we want to restore your smile, it’s most important to keep you safe!

Once you have your new implant teeth in Bowmanville, we will need to see you regularly for check-ups and general preventative care. Many people find ongoing dental care much more comfortable to receive afterwards because any negative experiences in the dental chair have been replaced with memories of far more positive and pleasant dental visits.

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