What are Teeth in a Day?

If you have lost all your upper or lower teeth, you have probably explored some of the options available to you and may have discovered a treatment called Teeth in a Day. The idea of replacing your teeth in a single day is enormously appealing for most people because after all, for many of us our self-esteem and self-confidence are intimately connected to our appearance. But, how can it be possible to replace an entire arch of teeth in such a short space of time? The answer lies in meticulous planning! Although you may receive your new teeth on the same day as implant treatment in Clarington, a tremendous amount of work is carried out beforehand and behind-the-scenes, ensuring your appointment is smooth and successful.

Every Stage of Teeth in a Day Is Planned Well in Advance
Initially, your first step in this treatment is to book a visit with us here at Durham Implant Solutions. Our implant dentist in Ajax will need to carefully assess your dental health to see if you are suitable for treatment. Most people are! One of the most important things to decide is how many dental implants are required for treatment. You might have heard Teeth in a Day being called All-on-Four, a popular procedure that uses four dental implants to secure a complete arch of teeth. However, we prefer to take a more customized approach to your treatment. While four dental implants may be enough in some cases, we want you to enjoy your dental implants in Whitby for as long as possible, so we may suggest using a greater number of implants for increased stability and strength.

We Use Advanced Diagnostics
One of the ways we determine how many dental implants are needed is by taking a cone beam CT scan. You don’t need to go elsewhere for the scan is the equipment is here in our dental office. Your CT scan provides lots of crucial information including the quantity and quality of your jawbone, and the positioning of other essential structures in your jawbone and which include your nerves.

Our experienced implant dentist in Newcastle uses this digital data to preplan each step of your treatment, using the images to decide precisely where each implant is placed, and even the depth of the implant and its angulation is determined at this stage. One of the critical factors at this stage is to make sure your implants can be restored appropriately, providing you with teeth that look entirely natural while ensuring you can bite and chew comfortably. When the time comes to make your new prosthesis, we have a digital impression system which accurately scans your mouth. We work closely with the dental lab to make your new prosthesis, so it is ready to fit soon after surgery. Nothing is left to chance!

The Benefits for You
In addition to receiving your new teeth soon after surgery, digitally preplanning your treatment ensures you’ll benefit from a shorter, more comfortable procedure and a quicker healing period. Using fewer dental implants to secure a complete arch of teeth is more affordable, and because we have identified the strongest and thickest parts of your jawbone, there’s less chance that you will need a bone graft. Once your new teeth are fitted onto the dental implants, they effectively lock the implants in position, preventing unwanted movements while your implants heal and integrate with your jawbone. It is a tried and trusted technique that is highly successful, and best of all, you receive a beautiful new set of teeth in a day.

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