What are Computer-Guided Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium alloy or ceramic posts surgically inserted into the jawbone, and which support replacement teeth. Accurate implant placement is crucial for dental implants to function optimally and ensures they look good too. Computer-guided dental implants in Ajax are placed using a computer-generated program, ensuring your implant surgery is precise and ultimately more successful. We use this technology regardless of whether you need only a single dental implant or require complicated multiple implant surgery.

How Are Computer-Guided Dental Implants Planned?
After your initial consultation here at Durham Implant Solutions, our dentist will take a cone beam CT scan of your jaws. We have this sophisticated equipment right here in our dental office so you won’t need to travel elsewhere. A cone beam CT scan provides an extremely high level of detail, taking 3D images of your jaws. The scan produces far less radiation than a conventional CT scanner because the beam is concentrated into a cone shape and it is very safe.

Why is Computer Guided Implant Planning So Important?
Once we have these diagnostic images, our implant dentist in Whitby can closely analyze your jaws, carefully assessing the quality of your jawbone to ensure there is enough bone in which to place the dental implants. Also, these images show locations of critical structures that must be avoided during surgery, including nerves and blood vessels.

Using this information, we will plan the precise placement of each dental implant. The images can be manipulated to show how the dental implants will look once restored with implant teeth so we can make sure your new teeth are fully functional while looking as natural as possible. It is a vital step in planning your dental implants because even if your implants are inserted to avoid essential structures, they need to be correctly angled for the restorations to be appropriately made. Otherwise, it can be a compromise between aesthetics and functionality, and we want to ensure you receive the very best of both!

What Happens Next?
Once we are happy with your treatment plan, a guide or stent is produced and is a template accurately replicating the positioning of each dental implant. The guide is placed in your mouth during surgery and ensures our implant dentist in Pickering inserts each dental implant in the pre-planned position, correctly replicating the angle and depth of each implant. It is an advanced technique that has another considerable benefit too!

A More Comfortable Surgery for You
Because we pre-plan your surgery behind-the-scenes, the actual procedure is less invasive, smoother and quicker for you. Healing should be more comfortable as the need for any incisions in your gums is minimized.

Making Your Implant Teeth
When the surgery is completed, you can look forward to receiving your new implant teeth in Brooklin, and once again, we prefer to use the most up-to-date technology when treating our patients. Our practice is one of the few clinics in Canada to have an advanced 3D oral scanner. Instead of waiting for an uncomfortable impression tray to set, we digitally scan your mouth, producing a perfect replication that is used to make a precision-fitting dental restoration for you. The result is a restoration that fits more accurately, so fitting times are shorter because little or no adjustments are needed.

Dental implants are such a fantastic treatment and using the latest technology helps to provide a more predictable treatment outcome and a more comfortable experience. Would you like to know more about computer-guided dental implants in Oshawa? Contact us to arrange your consultation.

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