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Why Use a Dental Implant to Replace a Knocked-Out Tooth?

A gappy smile might be cute for little kids, but it isn’t such a great look for adults, which is a problem if you have knocked out a tooth. Unfortunately, accidents affecting the front teeth are all too common, and although it is sometimes possible for an emergency dentist in Ajax to successfully re-implant a knocked-out tooth, this isn’t always the case. Other times, people will lose front teeth because of tooth fractures, gum disease or severe tooth infection. Losing a front tooth in Whitby is a traumatic experience that can happen to anyone, and your dentist will strongly recommend you replace the tooth as soon as you can. But, why choose a dental implant compared to other solutions such as a flipper or dental bridge?

Alternative Solutions for a Knocked-out Tooth
A dental flipper is a one-tooth denture, and although it’s an affordable and quick solution for tooth loss, it is only really suitable for temporary use. Your dentist may suggest this option while you decide or prepare for something more permanent.

Dental bridges are a traditional solution for tooth loss, but during preparation, the teeth on either side of the gap must be substantially reshaped. If these teeth were chipped in an accident, then your dentist might suggest a dental bridge. Choosing this option would allow you to restore these damaged teeth and to replace the missing tooth. However, if these teeth weren’t damaged and are really quite strong and look good, then why reshape them if it’s not necessary? In comparison, a dental implant in Pickering is a more conservative solution.

Restoring and Protecting Your Smile
The reason why dental implants are so popular in Clarington is that they can do a lot to protect your dental health, all while restoring missing teeth in a way that looks very natural and appealing. A dental implant offers some significant advantages compared with other tooth replacement solutions. One of the most important is that it will replace a single tooth without affecting the neighbouring teeth. Also, once in place, your implant tooth will prevent your natural teeth from shifting position. An implant tooth is strong enough to share the stresses and strains created whenever you bite into food. Additionally, a dental implant protects your jawbone because it gradually integrates with your natural bone, helping to ensure it remains healthy and intact. Without the stimulation provided by an implant post, this bone would soon begin to resorb and deteriorate.

Easy to Care for
A dental implant is easy to care for and won’t require any more attention than we hope you’d provide for your natural teeth. You can brush and floss around the implant which will help to ensure it remains healthy and strong. Although dental implants are easy to care for, it’s vital to look after them and to remember that even though they are inert, they are surrounded by living bone and gum tissue. Don’t worry, because our dentist in Newcastle will show you exactly how to care for the implant tooth and of course, we will continually monitor its condition during your regular checkups and cleanings here at Durham Implant Solutions.

Enjoy a Natural Looking Smile
Your natural teeth emerge from your gums, and your implant tooth will look exactly the same. In the longer term, it can be a more aesthetic solution compared with a bridge because eventually some of the bone that used to support your real tooth will resorb underneath the replacement tooth, so it no longer rests on the gums quite as snugly as it did initially.

If you are fed up with your gap-toothed smile, then our dentist in Courtice can help. Contact us to discover all the solutions that could help you. Also, if you lost your tooth in a sporting accident then ask us about custom mouthguards to protect your teeth in the future!

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