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Will My Dental Implant Teeth Look Like Real Teeth?

Most people will think long and hard before deciding to have dental implant teeth. While treatment is regarded as being the gold standard by many dentists in Oshawa, it isn’t usually the quickest and will mainly appeal to those searching for an excellent long-term solution for missing teeth.

If you are currently considering dental implant teeth, then it’s likely you have already asked your implant dentist lots of questions. Something that concerns many people is whether their dental implant teeth will look like real teeth? After all, if you are choosing the best solution, then you want to be sure it will provide you with teeth that closely replicate your own, or preferably look even better!

The good news is that an experienced implant dentist in Whitby will go to considerable lengths to make sure you receive the very best treatment outcome, including teeth that look and feel just like your own. The main aim when planning dental implant treatment is to ensure your dental implants are placed into precisely the right positions in your jawbone so that once restored, they can support teeth that feel comfortable and which function correctly, so you should find it easy to eat and talk. Here at Durham Implant Solutions, our dentist in Newcastle will use the most sophisticated technologies when planning your implant surgery. These include digital treatment planning and digital smile design.

The Importance of Digital Treatment Planning
One of the most critical aspects of your treatment is the planning process and to plan your surgery our dentist in Clarington will take detailed diagnostic images which include digital dental x-rays, and vitally, a cone beam CT scan. While digital dental x-rays provide a highly detailed 2-D view of your mouth, a cone beam CT scan gives us much more information because it is a 3-D image, showing essential structures that must be avoided during your implant surgery, and allowing us to assess the quality and quantity of your jawbone.

Our dentist in Brooklin uses these images to decide exactly where each dental implant should be inserted, and we can even tell how the implant will look and function once fully restored with your implant crown, bridge or implant-supported denture. Once the surgery is planned correctly, the information is transferred to a surgical stent for use during your implant surgery. Every detail of your implant surgery is considered beforehand, ensuring the whole process is much smoother and ultimately more successful for you. We prefer not to leave anything to chance! Of course, you play your part in this process too, as we can involve you in creating your new smile.

Digitally Planning Your Smile Using Computer-Aided Design
When planning your smile, we also use 3-D models of your mouth combined with photos taken inside and outside your mouth to digitally build an accurate image. Using this detailed information, we can create digital images showing how your smile will appear once treatment is completed. It’s your chance to get involved and to give us your input about your new smile because after all, you will be the one seeing it in the mirror day after day! Once you are happy with the design, then it is transmitted to our dental lab. Our dentist in Pickering collaborates closely with a team of highly skilled dental technicians, ensuring your design is accurately replicated in real life.

If you’d like dental implant teeth that look and feel just like your own, then contact us now for a free consultation.

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