What is All-on-Four or Teeth in a Day?

If you are already missing or are facing multiple tooth loss, you may have read or heard about All-on-Four or Teeth in a Day. Dental implant solutions in Ajax are becoming increasingly popular, and more people are asking for these treatments by name. But, what are they and are they different procedures?

What are the Differences Between the Two Treatments?
Both use similar techniques. All-on-Four, as the name suggests will use just four dental implants to restore a complete arch of teeth. Teeth in a Day is based on the same principle. The technique involves maximizing use of your jawbone by optimally locating your dental implants in areas where the jawbone is naturally stronger and thicker.

How Does Treatment Work?
Usually, two dental implants are inserted right at the front of the mouth, and an additional two are placed either side, and these implants are longer and tilted backwards. Using longer dental implants in Pickering increases the contact of the implants with your jawbone, providing greater stability, which is why fewer dental implants can be used. It’s a treatment that is extremely appealing for anyone who has suffered substantial jawbone loss, perhaps because of periodontal disease or because they lost their teeth quite some time ago. A treatment that avoids additional bone grafting can be more cost-effective and is suitable for people who cannot have a bone graft, perhaps because of medical reasons.

Not surprisingly, the idea of supporting a complete arch of teeth with just four dental implants is very enticing. However, in practice, there might be occasions where four dental implants aren’t sufficient to provide adequate support for a complete arch, and this might be the case when restoring an upper arch with implant teeth. Our dental implant dentist in Whitby will use as many dental implants as needed to ensure your implant treatment is a long-term success. We want you to enjoy your new teeth for years to come!

Can I Really Receive New Teeth in a Day?
Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of All-on-Four is the idea of being able to receive your brand-new teeth the same day as implant surgery in Newcastle. Certainly, it’s thrilling to see someone with a beautiful new smile so soon after surgery. With conventional dental implant treatment, the dental implants must often be left undisturbed, giving them time to fuse with the jawbone. Until the process is complete, the implants cannot be “loaded” with new implant teeth. The location of the dental implants used in Teeth in a Day treatment in Bowmanville makes it possible to “immediately load” the implants because the implant teeth effectively splint the implants together, preventing any unwanted movements during the healing process.

Advanced Technology to Create Beautiful Smiles
Here at Durham Implant Solutions, we can provide you with the most beautiful Teeth in a Day, that are created using the very latest and most advanced technology. Every single dental implant treatment is planned using your cone beam CT scan, so our dental implant dentist in Clarington can precisely locate your dental implants in a digital treatment plan, and we can also tell how the implants will look once restored.

Our use of technology doesn’t stop there, as we have a sophisticated digital impression system, so you needn’t worry about messy and uncomfortable tray impressions. Using computer-aided design, we work closely with our dental lab, ensuring your new teeth are fabricated before implant surgery takes place. Once your dental implants in position, we can fit your non-removable teeth in Courtice.

If this sounds exciting, why not book your free consultation with our implant dentist in Oshawa?

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