Critical Factors for Dental Implant Success

If you have decided to have dental implants in Clarington, then you will want your treatment to last for as long as possible, but there are some critical factors for dental implant success. Considering these factors and understanding them, will improve the chances of being able to enjoy your implants for many years, or even for the rest of your life. One of the most vital factors that will significantly influence the outcome of treatment is your choice of implant dentist.

Choose Your Implant Dentist with Care
An increasing number of dental practices now offer dental implants, but they may only have very limited training and experience in this field. It is essential to ask your chosen implant dentist in Brooklin about their expertise in placing dental implants.

Critical factors include the number of years they have been providing this service, how frequently they place dental implants, and whether they participate in ongoing education in implant dentistry. Dental implant technology is continually evolving, so you need to select an implant dentist in Oshawa who is up-to-date with the very latest techniques and materials. Ideally, your dental implant dentist in Pickering should be experienced enough to offer a range of implant solutions, so that you can be sure of receiving the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

Can Your Treatment be Completed in One Location?
When you have dental implant treatment, you will need to see your implant dentist in Bowmanville several times, for your initial consultation, diagnostics and treatment planning, and for surgery and follow-up appointments. Sometimes it is necessary to have other treatments such as bone or gum grafting, but even if you only require a straightforward dental implant, it is much more convenient to receive all your treatment in the same location and from a dental team you know and trust.

Not all dental offices can complete dental implant treatment from start to finish, as some do not have vital diagnostic equipment such as a cone beam CT scanner. Even if they perform implant surgery, then they might not provide more complicated treatments such as bone grafting and gum grafting. When you only need to visit a single dental office, then it reduces the hassle and stress of having to visit another dental office.

Do They Provide Computer-Guided Surgery?
Dental offices offering more advanced dental implant treatments in Newcastle will provide computer-guided implant surgery which will ensure you receive a far more accurate implant placement because every single stage of the implant surgery is preplanned, right down to the last millimetre. Once surgery has been planned, the plan is transferred to a surgical stent or surgical guide which allows the implant dentist to precisely replicate the implant plan. Another nice benefit of computer-guided surgery is that treatment should be smoother and quicker, so healing is faster and potentially more comfortable.

When you visit our dentist here at Durham Implant Solutions, you’ll find we can provide your entire implant treatment right from the start to its completion, including bone and gum grafting if needed. You won’t need to visit another dental office because our office is equipped with a cone beam CT scanner, and our dentists are highly experienced in using a comprehensive range of advanced implant techniques. No matter your dental needs, we can provide the right implant solution, using computer-guided surgery and the highest quality dental implants. You won’t even need a messy dental impression for your new teeth because we use one of the most advanced 3-D oral scanners available today to take a digital impression of your teeth and bite.

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