Should I Get Fixed or Removable Implant Teeth?

Tooth loss is no fun, but implant teeth in Newcastle provide an excellent solution. Lots of people are missing complete arches of teeth, possibly in both their jaws and will struggle with the problems associated with complete tooth loss and with wearing removable dentures that rest on the gums. When considering dental implants, one major decision that people must make is whether to have fixed or removable implant teeth.

What Is the Difference?
With removable implant teeth, you can take the teeth out to clean them and to clean your gums. Your teeth would still feel very secure while in the mouth. Permanent implant teeth cannot be removed except by your dentist in Clarington, so you would need to brush and floss your implant teeth just like natural teeth.

How Can I Choose Whether to Get Fixed or Removable Implant Teeth?
Your choice is partly down to preference, but most people, when asked this question, would immediately say they prefer fixed implant teeth. After all, psychologically, the prospect is highly appealing and makes it easy to forget you lost your natural teeth. But some people, and especially anyone who has worn full removable dentures for many years will be thrilled with having removable implant teeth because the improvements will be considerable.

Although removable implant teeth are fantastic, there are subtle differences between this option and a non-removable solution. It is best to be guided by your Oshawa dental implant dentist’s expertise because they can help you decide based on your unique needs and dental health. Factors that must be considered include bone and soft tissue support, and your ability and motivation to keep your dental implant teeth clean.

Assessing Your Jawbone and Gums
One of the first things to be evaluated by your dental implant dentist in Whitby is the health of your jawbone and your gums. These are the structures that will support your dental implants, and which will help determine the overall aesthetics of your new teeth. If you have lost quite a bit of jawbone or gum tissue, then this could affect your choice of treatment. Removable implant teeth look much the same as dentures and have pink acrylic flanges that can replace the gums. Permanent implant teeth may benefit from better support, and you could need bone and soft tissue grafts before having your implants.

Your Ability to Look after Your Dental Implants
Usually, people who may have difficulties looking after dental implants are better suited to having removable teeth that clip or snap onto the dental implants. These prostheses are simple to look after, and it’s much easier to brush the implants in the mouth. Permanent implant teeth in Brooklin require a little more commitment to keeping them clean, and it’s important to remember that the tissues around the implants are just as prone to infection. These tissues can develop an infection very similar to gum disease which is a common cause of tooth loss.

Other Factors to Consider
Additional factors include the costs because both options are made quite differently. Removable implant teeth are generally dentures that have special fixtures in the fitting surface designed to clip onto dental implants. Permanent teeth are typically made from porcelain, and the manufacturing costs can be higher.

There is a lot to think about when deciding which dental implants in Bowmanville will best suit you, but we are here to assist you. Our experienced dental implant dentists at Durham Implant Solutions can carefully explain each option, helping you to make the right decision.

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