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Using Dental Implants to Fix Problems with Your Full Dentures

There is an enormous number of people in Canada who have full dentures, and many are unhappy with them. Traditionally, full dentures are a cost-effective way to replace complete arches of teeth, giving patients the ability to chew food, but they are far from perfect.

Unlike real teeth that are anchored firmly in the jaw, dentures simply rest on the gums and rely on your facial muscles, tongue and the bony arch that used to hold your teeth for support. Often the dentures can rub uncomfortably on the gums causing sores that are painful and which make it tricky to eat, and numerous foods are nearly impossible to enjoy. Another huge problem is the deterioration of the jawbone after natural teeth are removed, and dentures need regularly relining as they become loose and ill-fitting. Other common problems with dentures are an inability to taste food properly, feeling insecure in social situations, and hating the look and feel of dentures.

How Dental Implants Can Help with Difficulty in Eating Foods
When you try to eat with full dentures, then they can often slip out of place, and it’s near impossible to eat anything that is very thin such as salad leaves, or which is very chewy or hard. In addition to missing out on favourite foods, you could be missing out on vital nutrients as well! When you have dental implants in Newcastle, your teeth are fixed firmly to the implants inserted into your jawbone, so there’s no need to concentrate on using your facial muscles in your tongue to keep your denture in place. Favourite foods become much easier to eat, and did you realize food could be tastier?

How Dental Implants Can Help Make Food Tastier
Dentures are made with an acrylic, gum-coloured base which supports the denture teeth. They can feel quite bulky, and they must be designed this way for the proper support. One unfortunate outcome of traditional denture design is when the denture covers the taste buds in the roof of your mouth. Although the design creates better suction for the denture, food can seem tasteless. With implant-retained dentures in Clarington, the size of your denture is significantly reduced because there is no need to rely on the denture for retention, and an upper denture is constructed in a horseshoe shape, exposing all those taste buds.

How Dental Implants Can Make Social Situations More Enjoyable
The fear of having your teeth fall out or moving when talking to others is understandable, but for some people, it can lead to a sense of social isolation. When you struggle with a loose and ill-fitting denture, it can seem easier to decline social invitations, but with implant-supported dentures, this is no longer a problem. When dental implants support your teeth in Whitby, there is no possibility that they will move embarrassingly. Instead, you’ll love the feeling of having teeth that are specifically designed to look and feel more natural.

Options for replacing a complete arch of teeth include implant-supported dentures or a fixed bridge of teeth. Both are excellent solutions, and our dental implant dentist in Oshawa can discuss which might suit you best. One thing to bear in mind about an implant-supported denture is that often it is held in position with relatively few dental implants. If you want a fixed bridge, then it might be necessary to use a greater number of dental implants in Ajax.

If you’d love to discover a world without conventional dentures, contact Durham Implant Solutions for your consultation.

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