Should I Choose Titanium or Ceramic Dental Implants?

Usually, dental implants are fabricated from medical-grade titanium alloy, a material that is widely used in medical applications, such as for replacement hip joints. Titanium is a material renowned for its excellent biocompatibility, which is vital for successful dental implants that must fuse with the jawbone. It is an industry standard that has been in use for decades, and here in Whitby, titanium dental implants have an extremely high success rate, typically 95% or even higher. However, not everyone likes the idea of having metal in their body, and although extremely rare, some people have allergies or sensitivities to various metals. It is a situation where zirconia or all-ceramic dental implants could offer an alternative treatment choice. Additionally, there is increasing interest in a more holistic approach to dentistry, using materials that are biomimetic, that is which are designed to mimic nature more closely.

So, what is zirconia and is it a good choice for dental implant treatment in Clarington? Zirconia dental implants are made from zirconium oxide and are white coloured and listed below are some possible reasons why you might consider zirconia implants.

  • Zirconia dental implants in Newcastle can create a more aesthetically pleasing outcome because they are already tooth coloured. Titanium dental implants are metal coloured which isn’t usually a problem, but for somebody with very thin gum tissue, then there’s a possibility that the gray of the metal could shine through.
  • Zirconia dental implants are extremely biocompatible and can help to promote better gum health. Bacteria are less likely to grow on and around the dental implant because it has such a smooth surface. The one-part design of ceramic dental implants is also helpful for gum health.
  • Ceramic cannot corrode, which can occasionally be a problem with titanium dental implants, especially if the implant crown isn’t fitted correctly.

Is It Safe to Have Ceramic Dental Implants?
Ceramic dental implants are very safe, and treatment is extremely reliable, provided your dental implants have been correctly planned, placed and restored. By utilizing 3-D computer guided surgery, our dentist in Pickering can ensure your dental implants are inserted into just the right position so that your implant crowns or bridges are ideally placed to provide the very highest standard of aesthetics.

Which Is a Better Material to Choose?
Both zirconia and titanium are incredibly biocompatible materials, and the likelihood of either being rejected by your body is very low. If you do have any problems with metal sensitivities or are concerned about having metal in your body, then it is worth discussing the possibility of zirconia dental implants with our dentist in Ajax. It may also be worth having a more specialized test to assess your degree of sensitivity to metals. In areas where aesthetics is very important, for instance, when restoring front teeth, then zirconia dental implants can do a fantastic job, and especially if there is any chance of the gray metal colour of titanium shining through.

That said, there could be some circumstances where titanium alloy implants are a preferable choice, for example, if you require dental implants to restore a complete arch of teeth and where one-piece dental implants may not be a suitable solution. Our dental implant dentist in Courtice is highly skilled and very experienced and will suggest the most suitable treatment based on your dental health and your concerns.

To discover more about ceramic and titanium dental implants in Brooklin, contact us to book an appointment with Durham Implant Solutions.

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