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Dental Implant Advantages: What Makes This Treatment So Desirable?

Nobody ever wants to hear the words “your tooth needs to be extracted,” and you can rest assured that our dentist in Ajax will never give you this news if there is any hope that your tooth can be saved. We fully understand that any sort of tooth loss can be upsetting and embarrassing, and initially, you may feel there is little reason to smile, but dental implant treatment could change that.

Historically, tooth loss has been treated with dental bridges or dentures, but there is another far more modern option and which is to have dental implants in Pickering. We often suggest our patients consider dental implant treatment because of all the possible advantages of this procedure. For many people, dental implants will be the most desirable and the healthiest solution for tooth loss.

The reason why dental implants are so special is the way they are designed. When you need a natural tooth extracted, then the entire tooth is removed, including its roots which extend into your jawbone. A dental implant is the only treatment that artificially replaces the whole tooth, consisting of a titanium alloy screw or post to replicate the tooth root, and which can be fitted with a dental crown to complete the procedure. Once inserted into your jaw, the implant screw and the replacement tooth will restore the missing tooth in a way that feels entirely natural and functional. There are lots of advantages in considering this treatment and which help explain why it’s so desirable.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

  • Dental implants improve your appearance, which for most people is a significant consideration. They protect and preserve your jawbone which prevents your facial structure from deteriorating, ensuring your facial muscles receive the correct support.
  • A dental implant is the closest thing to a real tooth, both in appearance and function.
  • Many people take tooth loss to heart, but dental implants can restore your self-esteem and self-confidence because you will be able to laugh, talk and eat without any worries.
  • Your dental implants in Newcastle can help to protect your natural teeth. Unlike bridges and dentures which can harm your real teeth, gums and jawbone, dental implants ensure your natural teeth remain strong and healthy and intact, and they prevent them from moving out of place

Dental implants are easy to care for, and single dental implants can be brushed and flossed just like real teeth. Our dentist in Clarington will show you exactly how to care for your dental implants and as always, regular checkups and cleans are essential!

Suitable for Just about Anyone
Dental implants are a fantastic treatment, and the good news is that just about anyone can have them. The only real limitations are your current dental health and medical health, and your teeth and jaws need to have finished growing and developing.

During your initial consultation here at Durham Implant Solutions, our dentist will carefully assess your suitability for treatment to determine if you are a good candidate. To do this, we can visually examine your mouth, and we will almost certainly want to take x-rays and eventually a cone beam CT scan which produces a remarkably detailed 3-D image of your mouth. Our skilled dental implant dentist in Clarington will use the most up-to-date technologies to plan your implant treatment carefully. When the time comes for implant surgery, nothing is left to chance, and they will know precisely where and how each implant is to be placed.

Sound interesting? Contact us to discover much more.

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